“Understanding and loving are inseparable. If they are separate, it is a cerebral process and the door to essential understanding remains closed.”
-Erich Fromm


Amazon patents a mirror that dresses you in virtual clothes  The patent describes the mirror as partially-reflective and partially-transmissive, and uses a mix of displays, cameras, and projectors to create the blended image. Once this process is completed, the virtual clothes and scene are transmitted through the mirror to create the blended-reality result. - The Verge

Spotify said to have filed for IPO  Music streaming giant Spotify confidentially filed IPO documents with the SEC at the end of December. Spotify is pursuing a direct listing instead of a traditional float, causing both Silicon Valley and Wall Street to pay very close attention. If successful, it could change how some tech companies go public. - Axios

Iceland equal pay law goes into effect  Starting this week, companies in Iceland with at least 25 full-time employees will be required to demonstrate that they pay male and female workers equally. - NPR

Amazon Echo owners spend more on Amazon than Prime members,  According to a new report Amazon Echo owners are Amazon's most loyal and frequent shoppers. The report says Amazon Echo owners spend an average of $1,700 a year on Amazon, more than the $1,300 Amazon Prime members are estimated to be spending a year on the e-commerce site. - CNBC

Denmark is so inhospitable to refugees that asylum requests dropped 84% in two years  Denmark has had a clear and consistent message to asylum seekers in the last two years: stay away. The latest figures on the number of people seeking asylum in the country suggests that message has finally sunk in. - Quartz

Merrill Lynch Bars Trading of Bitcoin Fund, Futures  Merrill Lynch has blocked clients and financial advisers who trade on their behalf from buying bitcoin. The ban applies to all accounts and precludes the firm’s roughly 17,000 advisers not only from pitching bitcoin-related investments but also from executing client requests to trade the Grayscale Investment Trust bitcoin fund. - Wall Street Journal

BlackBerry’s QNX OS to anchor Baidu’s Apollo autonomous driving platform  BlackBerry and Baidu have announced a collaboration through which the Canadian and Chinese companies will team up for a number of connected and autonomous vehicle initiatives. - Venture Beat

Australia legalizes medicinal cannabis exports  Australia said on Thursday it planned to become the fourth country in the world to legalize medicinal marijuana exports in a bid to score a piece of the estimated $55 billion global market. - CNBC
Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. This One Isn't.
"The idea behind the Big Five is that everyone’s personality has a little of all five trait groups. What the test does, essentially, is tell you where you fall on the spectrum of each of the clusters. Your results are based on comparing you to all the other humans who have taken the test..." 
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