Thursday 09.07.17

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." –Aristotle


Researchers Tackling Fresh Questions About CTE Affecting NFL  As a new NFL season gets underway, here’s a look at what is known about CTE, and what still needs to be learned about the degenerative brain disease now detected in the brains of nearly 200 football players after death. - Associated Press

Facebook sold more than $100,000 in political ads to a Russian company during the 2016 election  After reviewing ads buys, Facebook's Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos said about 470 “inauthentic” accounts bought roughly 3,000 ads for a total of $100,000 which were likely operated out of Russia. - Tech Crunch

How Irma Became Irma: A Monster Storm Six Months in the Making The strength of Hurricane Irma, which has torn through the Caribbean and is headed towards Florida, has been building for over six months ago and started on the other side of the world. - Bloomberg

Deere buys Blue River Technology for $305M  Deere is bringing robots to the farm after the tractor company acquired Blue River Technology for $305M. The startup makes "see-and-spray" robots that affix to tractors. They use computer vision to identify plants in the field in need of fertilizer, pesticides or other costly "inputs" used to manage crops. - Seeking Alpha

United will not face fines after passenger dragging incident  United was officially cleared of any fines by the U.S Transportation Department in relation to the airline dragging a 69-year-old passenger off a flight after he refused to give up his seat. - Reuters

Sanofi Stops Work on Two Zika Vaccines  Citing a decline in new infections and limits on U.S. government funding, drugmaker Sanofi SA has announced it will be stopping the development of two Zika virus vaccines. - Wall Street Journal

IBM commits $240 million to fund an MIT A.I. lab IBM will spend $240M to open a Watson-branded artificial intelligence research lab in collaboration with long-time partner MIT. "AI as a field has been going on for many decades, but it is quite obvious right now it has raised to a level of centrality for every major technology company," said Dario Gil, VP of AI and Quantum at IBM Research. - CNBC

China agrees more U.N. actions needed against North Korea after nuclear test  Today China announces that it believes the UN should "make a further response and take necessary measures" against North Korea after its latest nuclear test. - Reuters

  The Age You Peak At Everything (Like Attractiveness, Strength, Salary, Arithmetic Skills, Vocabulary...)

"Aging can seem like a scary prospect, but a wealth of scientific studies have found that youth isn't all it's cracked up to be. There are plenty of cases in which human beings peak well into middle and old age."

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