Wednesday 09.27.17

"The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink."
– George Orwell


Google pulls YouTube off the Amazon Echo Show  Competition between Amazon and Google has been kicked up a knotch as Google has apparently decided to stop allowing the Amazon Echo Show to access YouTube. If you ask the smart speaker to show you a YouTube video, it fails and Alexa just say this: “Currently, Google is not supporting Youtube on Echo Show.” - The Verge

Landfill Gas for Dinner? Scientists to Cook Food From Waste  Scientists are turning gas emitted from landfills into an edible protein. The product is already being used in animal feed, the first step toward readying it for human consumption. - Bloomberg

Twitter tests doubling length of tweets to 280 characters  A small percentage of Twitter's 328 million users will find they can post longer tweets as the company tests out the new length limit. All users of Twitter will be able to read the longer tweets. - Telegraph

N.C.A.A. Coaches and Adidas Executive Face Bribery Charges  Assistant coaches at Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and U.S.C. were accused of accepting payments in a thriving illicit market for teenage athletes involving agents, financial advisers and shoe companies. - New York Times

In storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, drinking water in short supply  The U.S. territory’s water woes are tied to the collapse of its power grid; electricity is needed to pump, treat and filter water that shows up in household taps. Only about 40 percent to 45 percent of the customers of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority had potable water as of Tuesday. - Reuters

Microsoft Excel is about to get a lot smarter  Excel will soon be able to understand more about your inputs and then pull additional information from the internet as necessary. - Tech Crunch

Dyson to make electric cars from 2020  Dyson, the engineering company which is known for its vacuum cleaners and hand drying machines, plans to spend over $2 billion to develop a "radical" electric car which they plan to launch in 2020. - BBC

Saudi women rejoice at end of driving ban long backed by clerics  Saudi Arabian women awoke to news of a royal decree permitting them to drive starting next year - and some were already behind the wheel on Wednesday, even though licenses will not be issued for nine months. - Reuters

  EARWORM: How The Triplet Flow Took Over Rap

The "Migos Flow" deconstructed.

This video is about where the triplet flow came from and how it's been a common tool for rappers since Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's debut albums in the '90s.

Some songs don’t just stick in your head, they change the music landscape forever. Emmy-nominated producer, Estelle Caswell, takes you on a musical journey to discover the stories and sounds behind your favorite songs in the Vox original series, Earworm. New episodes premiere every two weeks, and we love this deconstruction format, so make sure you check out the rest of the videos here.

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