Tuesday 09.26.17

"I urge you to be curious enough to want to understand how the people who see things differently from you came to see them that way."
Ray Dalio 


Archaeologists uncover secrets of how Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza  Archaeologists believe they have finally uncovered how Egyptians were able to move millions of 2.5 ton blocks 500 miles to create the Great Pyramid of Giza. The discovery of an ancient papyrus, a ceremonial boat, and a system of waterworks could finally put an end to the debate. - Mirror

In Battered Puerto Rico, Governor Warns of a Humanitarian Crisis  Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló of Puerto Rico said on Monday that Puerto Rico deserved the same treatment as hurricane-ravaged states, the governor urged Republican leaders and the federal government to move swiftly to send more money, supplies and relief workers. - New York Times

Deloitte hit by data breach  Corporate finance giant Deloitte suffered a cyber-attack that compromised confidential data, including the private emails of some of its clients, the company has confirmed. - BBC

F1 team uses racing car technology to keep newborns safe in ambulances  - A Formula One racing team is employing technology that helps racing drivers survive high speed crashes to create a new device that keeps newborn babies safe during emergency transportation - Reuters

China disrupts WhatsApp ahead of Communist Party meeting  The messaging service WhatsApp suffered a complete blockage in China this week as the government stepped up security ahead of a Communist Party meeting in October. - BBC

Fox’s FX is pulling more of its shows off of rival streaming services and onto its home-grown version  FX+ subscribers will now be able to stream some shows the service didn’t have when it launched earlier this month. Fox says it now has every season of 31 different original FX productions available on the service. - Recode

Razor wars: Gillette sues Edgewell  The Procter & Gamble business claims that the patent for its Fusion razor was infringed upon with the Hydro Connect product. Edgewell advertising indicates that the Hydro Connect razors fit the Gillette Fusion or Mach3 Handle. - Seeking Alpha

Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With Teenager  On Monday, Anthony D. Weiner, sobbing as the judge spoke, learned the final, personal cost of his seemingly uncontrollable habit of exchanging lewd texts and pictures with women and girls: 21 months in prison. - New York Times

  A Bionic Lense Undergoing Clinical Trials Could Give You Superhuman Abilities in Two Years

"The Bionic Lens could improve on the 20/20 vision threefold. Imagine that you can see a clock’s dial 10 feet away. With the lens you would be able to see the dial in the same detail when it is 30 feet away. What happens when you combine the super sharp focus and the ability to tune the lens to improve sight well beyond the capabilities of the eye..."

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