Friday 09.22.17

The world is a very puzzling place. If you're not willing to be puzzled, you just become a replica of someone else's mind.
Noam Chomsky


A North Korea nuclear test over the Pacific? Logical, terrifying Detonating a nuclear-tipped missile over the Pacific Ocean would be a logical final step by North Korea to prove the success of its weapons program but would be extremely provocative and carry huge risks, arms control experts said on Friday. - Reuters

Uber loses its licence to operate in London  Uber will not be issued a new private hire licence, Transport for London has said. Some 3.5 million passengers and 40,000 drivers use the Uber app in London. - BBC

The most energetic cosmic rays pelting Earth are coming from outside our galaxy  For half a century, scientists haven’t been able to pin down where the most energetic rays in our Universe come from. But thanks to more than a decade of detecting cosmic rays from South America, astronomers have confirmed that these super energetic particles are coming from outside our galaxy. - The Verge

Puerto Rico faces weeks without electricity after Maria  Two days after Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, flooding towns, crushing homes and killing at least two people, millions on the island faced the dispiriting prospect of weeks and perhaps months without electricity. The storm knocked out the entire grid across the U.S. territory of 3.4 million, leaving many without power. - Associated Press

Aaron Hernandez Found to Have Severe C.T.E.  Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end and a convicted murderer, was 27 when he committed suicide in April. Yet a posthumous examination of his brain showed he had such a severe form of the degenerative brain disease C.T.E. that the damage was akin to that of players well into their 60s. - New York Times

General Dynamics Awarded $5 Billion for Design of U.S. Navy's Next Ballistic  The U.S. Navy has awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat a $5.1 billion Integrated Product and Process Development contract to complete the design of the lead Columbia-class submarine, the nation's next-generation sea-based strategic deterrent. - Seeking Alpha

Boeing boosts Southeast Asia order forecast on strong demand  Boeing said on Friday it had increased its 20-year forecast for Southeast Asian demand by 460 aircraft, the largest jump of any global region, as low-cost carriers make travel more accessible. - Reuters

Asia markets close lower after North Korea threat and as investors digest China credit downgrade  The greenback fell against the safe-haven Japanese currency after South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported a North Korean official said his country could consider testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. - CNBC
Cut Copy's New Album Dropped Today, And it's Your Weekend Soundtrack.
The Indie Rock/Electronic/Groove-Your-Face-Off band is back to their roots with glimmering synths, punchy beats... and yes, some guitar. We've been fans from the beginning, and this album continues our loving relationship with the Aussie musicians.

  7 Hand Gestures That Make You Look Like a Real Intellectual

You've definitely seen it at some point. Maybe it was in a lecture in college. Maybe it was in a TED talk you watched recently. Someone is trying to explain some important historical connection, drawing up a grand theory of art or science or human progress, and there it is, as if by reflex: the hand lifts in front of them like an upturned claw, the fingers slowly turning an invisible dial. That's "The Dialectic," one of the hand gestures you'll need to master to become a genuine thought leader.


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