Friday 09.01.17

"Life is a lot more interesting if you are interested in the people and places around you. So, illuminate your little patch of ground, the people that you know, the things that you want to commemorate. Light them up with your art, with your music, with your writing, with whatever it is that you do." –Alan Moore

The U.S. House is set to vote next week on a major bill regulating self-driving cars  In another major step toward allowing more driverless vehicles on U.S. roads, the U.S House will vote as soon as Wednesday on a bill that would allow the likes of Ford, Google and Uber to test more self-driving cars on U.S. roads. - Recode

Wells Fargo Review Finds 1.4 Million More Suspect Accounts  Wells Fargo said it had turned up more than a million additional fraudulent accounts that customers may not have authorized.The findings brought the number of potentially unauthorized accounts to 3.5 million — a nearly 70 percent increase over the bank’s initial estimate. - New York Times

California grants Samsung self-driving permit  Samsung stated yesterday that it has received a permit to test self-driving vehicles in California, marking the entry of the world’s largest smart phone maker four months after its main competitor Apple received a permit. - Reuters

Six Flags announces world's largest loop coaster  Six Flags Great America will be the home of the 100-foot tall coaster that will be the world's largest loop coaster. The company said "with the multiple inversions and record hang-time, this new coaster packs a punch and is going to be one of our most intense attractions." - UPI

Hurricane Harvey will likely be most expensive natural disaster in US history  Hurricane Harvey will likely wind up being the most expensive natural disaster in American history, costing the economy about $190 billion, according to AccuWeather. - CNBC

Iran Is Sticking to the Nuclear Deal, IAEA Says  A report published by the International Atomic Energy Agency states that Iran is sticking by its nuclear deal with world powers by keeping its uranium stockpile and production capacity below set thresholds. - Bloomberg

Tesla starts production of solar cells in Buffalo  Tesla's Gigafactory in Buffalo has started making solar cells for roofs. Tesla will aim to reach 2 gigawatts of cell production annually at the plant, up from an original target of 1 gigawatt by 2019. - Washington Post

Largest asteroid in century to safely fly by Earth  The largest asteroid in more than a century is set to pass by Earth at a relatively close distance of 4.4 million miles. Florence measures 2.7 miles (4.4km) in diameter and will not pose a threat to Earth for centuries to come. - BBC

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New music from The War on Drugs, Grizzly Bear, Beacon, Roosevelt, LCD Soundsystem & more. TBH, we're very psyched about this one. We hope you dig. 

  ESPN Football Analyst Walks Away From Career, Disturbed by Brain Trauma on Field

Ed Cunningham, a former N.F.L. player, resigned as a college football analyst for ESPN and ABC in the prime of his broadcasting career.
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