Tuesday 08.15.17*

"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose." –Bill Gates

North Korea's Kim holds off on Guam missile plan; Seoul says will prevent war  Kim Jung Unwill delay a decision to fire missiles at Guam while he waits to see what the United States does next. South Korea's president said Seoul would seek to prevent war by all means. - Reuters

Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle  When complete, the Ballangen development is set to cover 600,000 sq m (6.46m sq ft) and stretch over four storeys, making it the world's "largest" data center. - BBC

Junk Bonds of the Financial Crisis Were the Decade’s Biggest Winners  If you picked up some European high-yield bonds the day the global financial crisis erupted and held onto them through the following decade, you would have had a 100 percent return. - Bloomberg

GoFundMe removes campaigns for Charlottesville suspect  GoFundMe and other crowdfunding sites have taken a tough stance on campaigns for the man arrested following violence at a far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. - BBC

Gates Makes Largest Donation Since 2000 With $4.6 Billion Pledge  The billionaire donated 64 million of the software maker’s shares valued at $4.6 billion on June 6, to an unspecified recipient, but it was likely the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. - Bloomberg

Google drops domain hosting for infamous neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer  After GoDaddy told the Daily Stormer to get lost, the neo-Nazi news site chose Google as a new home for its controversial domain. Now, Google too has given the site the boot. - Tech Crunch

Taylor Swift Was Groped by Radio Host, Jury Finds  The six-woman, two-man jury found that the actions of the host, David Mueller, amounted to assault and battery of the star. Jurors awarded Ms. Swift the $1 in compensation she had demanded. - New York Times

  Instagram's Kevin Systrom Wants to Clean Up the Internet - But is That a Good #&$%ing Idea?

"The engineers at Instagram were just getting started. In October, the service launched a series of tools that roughly model what would happen if an empathetic high school guidance counselor hacked your phone."
*Our Sunday Reader was pretty messed up. Links in the wrong places, or missing entirely. What a disaster. TBH, we were out very late on Saturday with OTHERFEELS supporting our good friend/musician, Leach (who killed it). It was the best of times, while Volume 24 was the worst of times. So here is the Inside Look at North Korea's Luxury Ski Resort, and Why We Fell for Clean Eating. We'd guarantee it won't happen again, but we really really love live music...
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