Monday 07.31.17
"Here's something I probably shouldn't be saying: I never listen to my soundtrack albums because I can't stand it. It's just stereo. When I write, I write in surround. My life is in surround. " — Hans Zimmer

The New Yorker gets an intense Mooch bump  The magazine's business model is dependent on subscribers, Ryan Lizza’s astonishing Scaramucci interview has attracted new sign-ups. While the magazine won’t spell out how many new subs the story has generated, it says it has “seen a 92 percent increase in the July daily average of new subs. - Recode

Driving Tesla’s Model 3 Changes Everything  Elon Musk has rolled out his mass market car, handing over keys to the Tesla Model 3 to its first 30 buyers on Friday, and Bloomberg took the much hyped for a spin. - Bloomberg

Africa has a land problem  Climate change, soil degradation and growing wealth are shrinking the amount of fertile land on the continent. But the number of people who need it is rising fast. - New York Times

U.S. Companies Post Profit Growth Not Seen in Six Years  America’s largest companies are on pace to post two consecutive quarters of double-digit profit growth for the first time since 2011, helped by years of cost-cutting, a weaker dollar and stronger consumer spending. - Wall Street Journal

Alphabet Wants to Fix Renewable Energy’s Storage Problem — With Salt  Alphabet Inc.'s secretive X skunk works has another idea that could save the world. This one, code named Malta, involves vats of salt and antifreeze. The system can be located almost anywhere, has the potential to last longer than lithium-ion batteries and compete on price with new hydroelectric plants. - Bloomberg

U.S. flies bombers over Korean peninsula after North Korea missile test  The United States flew two supersonic B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula in a show of force on Sunday and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said China, Japan and South Korea needed to do more after Pyongyang's latest missile tests. - Reuters

Putin passes law that will ban VPNs in Russia  According to state-run news agency RIA, Leonid Levin, chairman of the Duma’s committee on information policy and technology, has said that the law is not targeted at “introducing new bans for law-abiding citizens.” Instead, he claims it is to prohibit access to illegal content. The scope of what is considered “illegal content” in Russia. - Tech Crunch

TV sets are starting to disappear from American homes  After years of steady increases, the number of TVs in homes shrank to an average of 2.3 in 2015, down from an average of 2.6 televisions per household in 2009, according to the latest available data from the Energy Information Administration. - Recode

  Here's Why It Feels Like You're the Only Millenial Not Drinking La Croix 

"La Croix has been around for more than 30 years, but sales really began taking off in 2010. In large part, this was because Americans—once a nation of loyal soda drinkers—were looking to reduce their intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners."
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