Thursday 07.20.17
"Too many sports bars, not enough America's Funniest Home Video bars." - Blake Anderson

John McCain Has Brain Cancer, Senator’s Office Says  Mr. McCain, 80, has a glioblastoma, one of the most common but also one of the most malignant brain tumors. It can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation, but medical experts said it almost always grows back. - New York Times

After 17 years, S&P tech index breaks record  It took 17 years, but the S&P 500 information technology index has finally recovered from the implosion of the dot-com bubble. Euphoria about the Internet's potential in the late 1990s fueled a stock market rally that ultimately led to an 80-percent selloff as high-flying tech companies like Pets.com failed and others came close to collapse. - Reuters

Facebook to test charging users to read subscription news stories  Facebook will start limiting the number of published news stories that can be read for free for news organisations that have subscription payment models. Facebook will test limiting to 10 the number of stories that can be accessed within Instant Articles, then guiding readers to publisher home pages to consider buying subscriptions. - Telegraph

France Says ‘We Want Our Money Back’ as Brexit Talks Crawl On  France has insisted that the U.K. pay a Brexit bill of as much as $115 billion, with the country's Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire saying while the amount due was up for debate, the U.K. must pay what it owes as a "non-negotiable prerequisite at the start of talks." - Bloomberg

An Experiment in Zurich Brings Us Nearer to a Black Hole’s Mysteries  The equations that describe the universe at the smallest and largest scales — how the tiniest elementary particles dance, how the space-time of the cosmos bends — predicted a slight incongruity, a tiny unbalancing in the numbers of certain particles under certain circumstances. - New York Times

Fecal bacteria found in drinks at UK branches of McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC  Traces of fecal bacteria have been found in drinks at three of the world's biggest fast-food chains in the United Kingdom. An investigation has found that McDonald's, Burger King and KFC served ice in drinks contaminated by fecal matter. - CNBC

Goldman’s Partners Cash Out  Goldman’s 450 or so partners own just 4.8% of the firm today, according to a securities filing late Wednesday. Going forward, Goldman won’t have to disclose its partners stakes, or their buying and selling of the bank’s shares, unless the group’s collective stake jumps back over 5%. - Wall Street Journal

Intel has axed the group working on fitness trackers and health wearables  About two weeks ago, Intel completely eliminated the health wearables group. The company's New Technologies Group, which looks at cutting-edge business areas, is now focusing on augmented reality. - CNBC

  As Workouts Intensify, A Harmful Side Effect Grows More Common 

Common with active-duty soldiers, doctors are now seeing more cases of rhabdomyolysis among weekend warriors as high-intensity exercise grows in popularity.
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