Monday 07.17.17
"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned." - Richard Feynman 

Major tech firms urge U.S. to retain net neutrality rules Today, a group that represents some of the biggest technology firms urged the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to abandon plans to reverse the landmark 2015 rules barring internet service providers from blocking or slowing consumer access to web content. The rollback will harm consumers, said the group, which represents Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter and Snap.  - Reuters

With ‘El Chapo’ Gone, Violence Soars in Fight for Control of Cartel Rival factions are fighting over Mr. Guzmán’s billion-dollar empire as he awaits trial in solitary confinement inside a high-security prison in New York. Close to 900 people have been murdered in Sinaloa over the first six months of 2017, almost twice the number of homicides over the same period last year.  - Wall Street Journal

IBM launches IBM Z, a revamped mainframe with pervasive data encryption The company has rolled out the IBM Z, its next-generation mainframe that's capable of handling 12 billion encrypted transactions a day. The general idea is that IBM Z will encrypt all data all the time and reduce the attack surface for enterprises about 92 percent.  - ZDNet

The Plan to Make Chip Credit Cards Less Annoying Customers' experience with chip cards should improve gradually, one upgrade at a time, as the systems become more standardized, industry experts say. Slow transactions and confusing interfaces will disappear, or retailers risk losing customers to rivals with more pleasant checkout experience  - Bloomberg

Iran Sentences U.S. Graduate Student to 10 Years on Spying Charges An American student from Princeton University was arrested in Iran and has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges he was spying for the United States.  - New York Times

Winnie the Pooh reportedly just got blacklisted by China Winnie the Pooh has been removed from Chinese social media in the lead-up to the country's 19th Communist Party Congress this fall. An official explanation was not given, but observers said the crackdown may be related to past comparisons of the physical appearance of President Xi to the Disney-owned fictional bear.  - CNBC

Bitcoin Takes Weekend Slide Bitcoin on Sunday traded as low as $1,836, according to news and research site CoinDesk, down about 8% on the day, and almost 40% from its high of $3,018 on June 11. Meanwhile, ether, the currency used on the Ethereum network, traded as low as $155 on Sunday, down about 60% from its high of $395 on June 13.  - Wall Street Journal

  The Pop-Up Employer: Build a Team, Do the Job, Say Goodbye

“One of our animating goals for the project was, would it be possible for someone to summon an entire organization for something you wanted to do with just a click?”
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