Friday 06.30.17

“Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish that they are after." - Henry David Thoreau

Investors slowly start to push climate change up their agenda Investors are beginning to push companies to reduce their carbon footprint and meet some of the targets laid out in the 2015 Paris climate talks. Some energy companies have seen shareholders demand the firms to reduce carbon emissions, and pension funds are demanding more commitment to climate goals from firms they invest in.   - Reuters

Uber hits 5 billion rides Just about 2 years after Uber hit its billionth ride, on May 20th, there were 156 simultaneous trips that started and put the ride sharing service over the five billion mark.   - Uber

Islamic State Is Near Defeat in Iraq, Prime Minister Says Iraqi and U.S. officials state that ISIS is nearing defeat in Mosul and Iraq. Iraq's military seized a mosque in the city where the extremist group’s leader first proclaimed a caliphate; “we are seeing the end of the fake Daesh state,” Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said.   - Wall Street Journal

Apple’s Cook Reaped $145 Million Last Year, Most of S&P 500 CEOs Tim Cook’s 2016 reported pay of $8.75 million, ranked in the bottom third of all CEOs in the S&P 500, however, the Apple CEO actually took home $145 million which mostly came from awards granted back in 2011. See full list of top S&P 500 earners in the link.   - Bloomberg

Climate change up close: Southern, poor counties to suffer A study from the journal Science, predicts economic harms and benefits for U.S counties. The study pulled data from 29,000 possible scenarios of global warming, looked at potential effects on agriculture, energy costs, labor costs, coastal damage, crime and deaths.   - Associated Press

Nike Confirms Partnership With Amazon Nike's CEO said they will being to pilot a program to sell sneakers through Amazon, the partnership ends the stalemate between the athletic company and the online retail giant.   - Wall Street Journal

China 'outraged' by $1.42 billion planned U.S. arms sales to Taiwan The U.S is expected to sell $1.42 billion worth of arms to Taiwan. This is the first sale of its kind under the new White House and it has caught the attention of China, whose help the president has been seeking to rein in North Korea.   - Reuters

  Are the Liberal Arts the Hot New College Degree in the Age of Tech & Data?
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