Wednesday 06.28.17

“When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man." -Jimi Hendricks

NASA gives OK for design of super-quiet supersonic experimental airplane NASA says it’s cleared a significant milestone on the path to reviving supersonic passenger jet travel in the U.S. with the completion of the preliminary design review for its low-boom experimental airplane.  - Geek Wire

American Airlines to spend $6 million on 3-D bag scanners for airports American Airlines is spending $6 million to improve carry-on bag screening at eight U.S. airports. The 3-D scanners give TSA agents both a clearer view of potential problems in bags, but they are also designed to go twice as fast the standard way of checking carry-on bags.  - CNBC

Facebook hits two billion users Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg posted that over a quarter of the world's population is on now on Facebook monthly.  - BBC

Prince William and David Cameron caught up in Fifa corruption scandal A long-awaited FIFA report has revealed the lengths to which England’s football bosses went to court FIFA executives, many of them now discredited, as they sought to secure votes for England's 2018 bid.  - Telegraph

U.S. hospitals have been hit by the global ransomware attack Yesterday, one of the largest drug makers in the U.S., Merck, multinational law firm DLA Piper, and health care network Heritage Valley Health Systems, which runs hospitals in Pennsylvania, fell victim to an international ransomware attack.  - Recode

Volvo's driverless cars 'confused' by kangaroos Kangaroos are confusing Volvo's self-driving vehicles. Engineers at Volvo have noticed that when a kangaroo is in mid-flight, the autonomous vehicle's sensors think the animal is further away, making it difficult for the vehicle to react.  - BBC

The Top Five Tech Rivals Join Forces to Shape Policy—and Fight the Government The big five, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have joined up and pushed back against the U.S. on data privacy and other big issues while still remaining competitive in the marketplace.  - Bloomberg

Helicopter attacks Venezuela court, Maduro denounces coup bid A Venezuelan police helicopter strafed the Supreme Court and a government ministry on Tuesday, escalating the OPEC nation's political crisis in what President Nicolas Maduro called an attack by "terrorists" seeking a coup.  - Reuters
  Architectural Digest's Inside Look at Nike's Stunning New HQ in New York City
147,000 Square Feet of pure athletic/corporate bliss.
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