Tuesday 06.20.17

“The universe is not required to be in harmony with human ambition." - Carl Sagan

Tesla driver in fatal 'Autopilot' crash got numerous warnings: U.S. government Yesterday, a U.S. government report revealed that the man killed in a crash last year while using Tesla’s semi-autonomous Model S sedan continually kept his hands off the steering wheel despite the car giving him repeated warnings not to do so.  - Reuters

Nestle buys stake in U.S. ready meals group Freshly Selling sweets and buying health. Nestle, the biggest packaged foods producer in the world is implementing a strategy to become more health and nutrition-oriented as consumers have started to demand fresher and healthier foods.  - Reuters

Stocks rally as investors buy the dip in techs Stocks posted gains across the board, leading to the S&P and Dow hitting new record highs and the S&P tech sector enjoying a strong rebound from its recent drops over the past two weeks. Most of this broad upside was due to the large gains in the tech sector.  - Seeking Alpha

Russia to consider US planes in Syria as ‘targets’ Russia has issued a warning that they now consider US planes in Syria as “aerial targets” and cease communications via a military hotline in a rapid escalation of tensions between the two nations.  - News.com

Time Warner Signs $100 Million Deal With Snap for Shows and Ads Up to 10 original shows produced by Time Warner studios will be available for vieiwing on Snap Chat, the shows will include scripted dramas and comedies. The deal also includes a path for Time Warner’s premium network HBO to develop shows for the app.  - Wall Street Journal

NASA finds evidence of 10 new Earth-sized planets in our corner of the galaxy NASA has discovered evidence that points to the potential discovery of 219 planets outside of our Solar System. Of those 219 planets, 10 of them appear to be roughly the size of the Earth and orbit their stars within a habitable zone, far enough away to develop water, but not far enough to be all ice.  - The Verge

Vice has raised $450M ahead of a potential IPO Vice has secrued a new round of funding valuing the media comany at around $5.7 billion. The $450 million Vice received will be used to launch Vice Studios which will allow the company to create scripted multi-screen programming to complement its library of news and documentaries.  - Tech Crunch

U.S. Student Freed by North Korea in a Coma Has Died at 22 Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who survived almost a year and a half in captivity in North Korea has died. His parents were quoted saying that "the awful, torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today".  - Bloomberg
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