Friday 05.26.17

“Open wide your winged-eye, spirit drive to catch the truth, for spirit thrives where darkness comes to challenge you." - Future Islands, Spirit


Executive Editor at New York Magazine Leaving to Become Apple News' First Ever Editor-in-Chief Lauren Kern will head up Apple's news aggregation app which pulls in stories from various sources and personalizes the homepage based on each users interest. It's the first time the app will have an editor  - CNN

Lyft launches 'Lyft Lux' and 'Lyft SUV' in Continuing its Attack Against Uber Rolling out first in 20 markets, Lyft will offer black car service in addition to SUV's - the same upgraded options that Uber offers to its customers. The first cities include NYC, LA, Chicago San Francisco, and San Jose. For drivers with more 'luxe' cars newer than 2011, this means provides the opportunity for higher fares . - Techcrunch

CEO Pay Packages Up in 2016 Bolstered by a strong stock market and low unemployment, executive pay surged in 2016 with CEO's raking in the big bucks.  2017 appears to be moving in the same direction as President Trump promises corporate deregulation.  - The New York Times

Target just gave Casper $75 million Target has reportedly rolled $75 million into Casper, the direct-to-consumer mattress startup you may have heard about in all those podcasts. The funding is a good chunk of what should end up being a more than $100 million round - Tech Crunch

U.S. court fines UPS $247 million over illegal cigarette shipments A federal judge ordered United Parcel Service Inc to pay nearly $247 million in damages and penalties for "illegally shipping" large volumes of untaxed cigarettes in New York state and City, a court filing showed on Thursday. - Reuters

Forget Supersonic. Hypersonic Is the U.S. Military’s New Speed For faster flight and quick access to space, the Pentagon is pushing for speeds above Mach 5. - Bloomberg

LeBron James Has Become 1 of the NBA's All-Time Greatest Dynasties After the series-clinching 135-102 victory over the Boston Celtics on Thursday, one in which he passed Michael Jordan to become the all-time leading scorer in playoff history. - Bleacher Report

Fasting Offers No Special Weight Loss Benefits Alternate-day fasting has gained some popularity as a weight-loss technique, but a rigorous trial has found that it works no better than ordinary calorie restriction. - New York Times

Traders predict big drop in U.S. oil stocks finally on the way Oil traders and analysts are expecting large volumes of crude to draw from storage tanks across the United States in coming weeks, in what would be the most tangible sign of an inventory overhang reduction that has punished prices over the last two years. - Reuters

You know what they say - check yo'self before.... ya wreck ya'self.
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