Friday I'm in Love


Friday 05.19.17

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday I'm in love"
-The Cure/
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Facebook will host live-streamed MLB games this season Facebook and the MLB announced a new partnership today that will see 20 regular season baseball games live-streamed on Facebook this season. The games will air weekly on the MLB Facebook page, starting tomorrow night with the Rockies vs. Reds game at 7:10PM ET.  - The Verge

Net neutrality rules all but doomed as FCC starts teardown On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 on a proposal to strip out the existing regulations that govern net neutrality, or the concept that all internet traffic must be treated equally. - CNET

Chinese jets intercept U.S. radiation-sniffing plane, U.S. says Two Chinese SU-30 aircraft carried out what the U.S. military described on Thursday as an "unprofessional" intercept of a U.S. aircraft designed to detect radiation while it was flying in international airspace over the East China Sea. - Reuters

Saudis Said to Forge $6 Billion Lockheed Deal for Littoral Ships Lockheed Martin Corp. has reached a $6 billion deal to sell Saudi Arabia four of its Littoral Combat Ships. The final letter of agreement includes a better-armed version of the ships, support equipment, munitions and electronic-warfare systems.  - Bloomberg

Alibaba injects $488 million health food assets into Ali Health Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd said on Friday controlling shareholder Alibaba Group Holding Ltd would sell HK$3.8 billion ($488.3 million) worth of health food and nutritional products businesses to the company, further developing it into Alibaba's healthcare flagship platform. - Reuters

Spotify buys AI startup Niland to develop its music personalization and recommendations Spotify has made its fourth acquisition of the year after it announced that AI startup Niland has joined its ranks. Spotify said the French company will join its R&D team, which is based in New York, to help hone its personalization and recommendation features for users. - The Verge

Facebook Slapped With EU Fine Over WhatsApp Deal Facebook Inc. was fined €110 million ($122.7 million) by the European Union’s antitrust regulator on Thursday for providing incorrect information or misleading authorities over the acquisition of its messaging unit WhatsApp, a warning shot to other companies registering their deals for review. - Wall Street Journal

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