Tuesday 05.16.17

“It's not the dream that makes you weak. It's not the night that makes you sleep. But it's a voice and it's a choice, to call you out or stay at home." - My Morning Jacket, Steam Engine

Picasso's Seated Woman in Blue Dress sells for $45m One of Piccasso's most well-known paintings was sold in New York for $45 million. The painting, which was rescued from the Nazis by the French Resistance fighters, last sold for $26 million in 2011. - BBC

Netflix quietly tests weekend price hikes in Australia Netflix has tested the increase of Australian prices by as much as AU$3 over weekends, a period which tend to have the highest user activity. Netflix has confirmed the tests, but is stating that no final decisions have been made on price changes. - CNET

Amazon’s epic 20-year run as a public company, explained in five charts 20 years ago Amazon IPO'd with a valuation of $438 million. Today the company has grown to a behemoth with a market capitalization of $460 billion, see the charts that display some of the company's amazing success. - Recode

Your Shoes Will Be Printed Shortly With the recent dramatic advances in 3-D printing technology, 2017 may be the year 3-D printed shoes will be available for consumers. - Wall Street Journal

Cavaliers to wear Goodyear logo on jerseys The 2016 NBA champions have inked a deal with the Ohio-based Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. to wear the Goodyear logo on the front of their jerseys. The monetary terms have not been disclosed, but the deal is estimated to be worth around $10M annually. - ESPN

Microsoft Faulted Over Ransomware While Shifting Blame to NSA Microsoft is shifting the blame for the recent ransomware attacks onto the National Security Agency for developing the hacking methodologies used to pull off the attack, and allowing those uncovered vulnerabilities to leak out to the public. - Bloomberg

The 25 highest-paid hedge fund managers earned a collective $11 billion in 2016 Even though almost half of the top 25 hedge fund managers struggled to beat the market this year, the managers collectively pulled in $11 billion. James Simons the founder of Renaissance Technologies led the pack after making $1.5 billion in 2016 alone. - New York Times

Disney's Iger says hackers claim to have stolen upcoming movie Hackers have claimed to have stolen an upcoming film from Disney and plan to release the movie online in 5 twenty minute pieces if Disney does not pay a requested ransom in Bitcoin. Disney has thus far refused to pay and is working with investigators. - Reuters
  Surfer John John Florence's Very Wavy World.  
Many have called this the best profile on the best surfer in the world. If you can't tell, we like surfing.
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