Friday 05.12.17

“I don't need the horizon to hell me where the sky ends" - Real Estate - 'Had to Hear'

Pokemon Go: Russian blogger sentenced A 22 year-old Russian blogger received a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence after he was found guilty of insulting religious believers and inciting hatred for posting a video of him playing Pokémon Go in church.  - BBC

Bitcoin rides Japanese demand to record $1,800, just two days after topping $1,700 Bitcoin charges past its third record this week after at one point on Thursday it jumped 5% and traded as high as $1,839.23. Investors believe the price jumps have been due to Japan legalizing the currency for institutional investors.  - CNBC

Sprint and T-Mobile have begun preliminary merger conversations The preliminary discussions are the latest M&A conversations in an industry that is closely watched by U.S. regulators. Additionally, any talks in relation to mergers and acquisitions in the mobile network industry had been put on hold for almost a year due to the FCC spectrum auction that prevented any deal negotiations until the end of April 2017.  - Bloomberg

Scientists may have uncovered why deep breaths can be so calming For the first time, a team of scientists at Stanford may have discovered the reasoning why deep breaths can calm the nerves. The team’s research, on a group of neurons in mice revealed how interconnected the links between breathing, thinking, behaving and feeling really are.  - New York Times

Lawmakers approved legislation WednesdayTennessee makes community college free for all adults Tennessee will soon become the first state in the union to make community college free for all adults. To be eligible, students must have been a state resident for at least a year before applying, maintain a 2.0 GPA, enroll in enough classes to be a part-time student, and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  - CNN Money

IS-linked propaganda outlet moves to Instagram A propaganda arm of the so-called Islamic State group (IS) has for the first time set up an account on Instagram. The account was only seen by about 100 people before the company shut it down.  - BBC

New Zealand's ambitious plan to save birds: Kill every rat New Zealand has set out on an ambitious objective to eradicate every rat, opossum and stoat from the nation. It has now become a government policy to wipe out "nuisance" animals by 2050.  - Telegraph

Comedy + Sneezing 
Kumail Nanjiani's Culture Clash Comedy - The New Yorker
Nanjiani, best known as Dinesh in HBO's Silicon Valley, has forged his path in comedy with a cultural machete (and a damn good impression of a software engineer).
Yes, This is A Particularly Horrendous Year for Seasonal Allergies
It's not just you. Your instincts (and symptoms) have been confirmed confirmed.  Here's why it's so bad + some tips on your best lines of defense. 
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