Thursday 05.11.17

“He broke the mirrors of his Cadillac, cause he doesn't like looking like he looks back ."  - Tame Impala

Aldi raises stakes in U.S. price war with Wal-Mart The German grocery store chain, Aldi Inc. is stirring up the already disrupted grocery store sector, as it sets an internal target to sell products at a 21% discount to its competitors, including Wal-Mart.  - Reuters

Uber should be treated as a transport company, EU advisor says Uber is dealt another blow after an opinion piece was handed down on Thursday by a European Court of Justice advisor that recommends UBER should be subject to the local laws that govern transportation companies instead of the laws which govern technology firms. - The Verge

Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Claims Another Casualty: Its Schools Puerto Rico's Secretary of Education is looking to close or consolidate schools as they deal with its bankruptcy. - New York Times

Snap shares slide as growth slows Snap Inc. shares tumbled over 20% during after-hours trading on the news that its daily users were 2 million less than analysts expected. Additionally, although revenue increased almost 3x for the quarter, it was still $9 million less than anticipated. - BBC

Tesla’s Solar Roof Pricing Is Now Cheap Enough to Buy The cost for the Tesla solar tiles comes out to about $42 per square foot, and as a comparison an inactive roof will cost around $11 per square foot. After credits, the Tesla roof will run a buyer about $50,000, but it will also create $64,000 in energy savings over 30 years. - Bloomberg

New York fines cab companies for fleecing migrants fleeing to Canada Three New York cab companies have been hit with fines for taking advantage of illegal immigrants fleeing the country into Canada.   - Reuters

Student Loans Just Got More Expensive In July, the interest rates on government loans for student debt are set to increase by almost 0.7 percentage points. This could come out to an increase of 20% for interest rate charges for undergrads. - Bloomberg


Pitchfork Grows Up - Bloomberg News
Bloomberg chronicles Pitchfork.com's ascent as the digital tastemaker of the indie (and now pop) music scene - from independent review website to a Condé Nast-backed, multi-platform powerhouse.

The Secret Hitmaking Powers of the Spotify Playlist - Wired
"Just as Facebook loves rolling out new features to a tiny subset of its users, killing what doesn’t work and expanding on what does, Spotify considers every track a beta test."