“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.”
-Jerzy Gregorek

CVS to buy Aetna for $69 billion  The pharmacy chain CVS Health agreed yesterday to buy Aetna, one of the biggest health insurance companies in the US, for roughly $69 billion. - Quartz

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss Are Officially the First Bitcoin-Based Billionaires  Famously known for their bitter legal battle against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Cameron And Tyler Winklevoss. Known now as the first confirmed Bitcoin billionaires, the twins earned their share by injecting a whopping $11 million USD into the famed cryptocurrency back in 2013. - Hype Beast

Texting is 25 years old  Texting turned 25 on Sunday, ICYMI. The first text message was sent on Dec. 3, 1992, by British engineer Neil Papworth to Richard Jarvis, an executive at British telecom Vodafone, who was attending his company's holiday party in Newbury, England. - CNET

Some very serious warplanes are flying near North Korea right now  The U.S. Air Force flew six advanced stealth tactical fighters over South Korea Monday, part of the largest ever joint airborne military exercises conducted by Washington and Seoul. - Vice

Office holiday parties get another look as scandals continue  With a series of high-profile workplace sex scandals on their minds, employers are making sure their holiday office parties don’t become part of the problem. There will be less booze at many. An independent business organization has renewed its annual warning not to hang mistletoe. And some will have party monitors, keeping an eye out for inappropriate behavior. - Associated Press

Disney Re-Engages in Talks to Buy 21st Century Fox Assets  Walt Disney Co. has re-engaged in discussions with 21st Century Fox to purchase some of the media giant’s assets, and Comcast remains in the mix, with deal talks gaining momentum, according to people familiar with the situation. - Wall Street Journal

Neil Young Offers His Entire Catalog of Music Free Online (Until June), at the Highest Digital Audio Quality Possible  The archive, Young says, “is designed to be a living document, constantly evolving and including every new recording and film as it is made.” All of this music is currently free, until June 30th, though you’ll have to create an account. - Open Culture
   Elon Musk Says He Was Raised by Books. He Credits His Success to These 8.
When you read about Musk's weariness towards artificial intelligence's potential global takeover, his extremely quick understanding of rocket science, or his yearning to save the world ... his perspectives and inspiration came about from reading some of these books.
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