“My mom always told me 'How long you gonna play the victim?' I can say I'm mad and I hate everything, but nothing really changes until I change myself.”
- Kendrick Lamar


3 ways net neutrality repeal will change how you use the internet  The potential impact of repealing net neutrality is far-reaching. Every sector from trucking to healthcare is affected by the Thursday ruling, although it’s not totally clear how it will play out. Here are some ways killing net neutrality might affect American consumers more immediately. - Vice

Floyd Mayweather says UFC has offered him a fight deal that could be worth $1 billion  Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather says cage-fighting promotion has UFC has made him a huge offer to return to combat sports, the 15-time world boxing champion told fans that he could "come back" to UFC, fight "in the Octagon," and "do a three or four-fight deal and make $1 billion." - Business Insider

Google’s artificial intelligence finds two new exoplanets missed by human eyes  Two new exoplanets have been discovered thanks to NASA’s collaboration with Google’s artificial intelligence (AI). One of those in today’s announcement is an eighth planet – Kepler-90i – found orbiting the Sun-like star Kepler-90. This makes it the first system discovered with an equal number of planets to our own Solar system. - SOURCE

BMW to build Czech test track for self-driving cars  German luxury automaker BMW said on Friday it will spend about $118 million on a test track for self-driving and electric cars in the Czech Republic, as it expands its foray into alternative driving technologies. - Reuters

Amazon is selling the Apple TV and Google Chromecast again  Amazon.com will soon begin selling the Apple TV set-top box and Google Chromecast, two streaming devices that have been unavailable from the leading online retailer for over two years. Listings for both products have returned to the site, but Amazon isn’t accepting orders just yet. - The Verge

Bitcoin buyers should be prepared to lose all their money, top UK regulator warns  Britain's leading financial regulators. Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, told BBC's "Newsnight" on Thursday, "If you want to invest in bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money." - CNBC
  Looks Like a Rough Flu Season Ahead. Here Are Answers to ALL Your Flu Questions.
"The 2017-2018 flu season is off to an early start, potentially hitting highs during the end-of-year holidays. Data so far suggests it could be a doozy. The predominant virus currently circulating tends to cause more cases of severe disease and death than other seasonal varieties. And the batch of vaccines for this year have some notable weaknesses..."
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