“Maybe there should be less of a mystique around making movies. I just don't think that there's any real mystery there.”
-Joel Coen

GM and Cruise on track to field a self-driving ride hailing service by 2019  GM and Cruise have articulated more specifically when they want to put their self-driving service on the roads, at today’s investor call for the company from San Francisco. GM said that they can make it happen within two years, with a fleet ready to go to work by 2019 based on the company’s current rate of progress. - Tech Crunch

Amazon is in exploratory talks with generic-drug makers Amazon has held preliminary talks with makers of generic drugs about its potential entry into the pharmacy space. The conversations, including with generics giants Mylan and Sandoz, a unit of Novartis, have been high-level, and the nature of Amazon's plans isn't yet clear. - CNBC

Senate GOP hustles to meet tax bill holdouts’ demands  Senate Republicans are stepping quickly to meet competing demands of holdout GOP senators for a tax overhaul package expected to add $1 trillion to the nation’s deficit over 10 years. Amid a whirl of meetings and dramatic votes Thursday evening, the Senate GOP leaders rewrote the bill behind closed doors. They weighed scaling back the tax cuts in the legislation to secure crucial support. - Associated Press

Emirates’ new first class suites feature virtual windows and a ‘zero-gravity’ seat  Emirates has just completed the first flight of its new 777 equipped with glorious first class suites inspired by Mercedes-Benz. Those lucky enough were treated to what Emirates says is the world’s first fully enclosed suite, measuring a spacious 40 square feet. - The Verge

Nine out of ten adolescent deaths in Africa are due to AIDS  Health authorities are sounding the alarm with a new set of statistics: the high number of new infections among teenagers. The high rate of infections among young people threatens to undercut the very-recent gains made. - Quartz

What Are the Most Effective Strategies for Learning a Foreign Language  Watch six TED talks on the strategies and tips for best learning a new language. - Open Culture

Elon Musk’s giant battery is now delivering power to South Australia  The world's largest lithium-ion battery is now live in South Australia after being delivered a few weeks ago, easily beating the promise Elon Musk made of "100 days or it's free." - The Verge
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 Grab a Warm Glass and Cozy Up to Our December Playlist. It's Real Nice Over Here.
Pretty.. pretty... pretty... pretty new music from Jim James, Sleigh Bells, N.E.R.D., Tame Impala, plus some really old tunes. We've even got some tunes that are not that old, but also not that new. We like those ones just as much. It's really a sum of the parts type thing. So maybe you'll hear a new tune that you really dig, or an old one that you missed, or a new tune that you won't miss. That happens sometimes. But hey, it's the holidays. 
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