“When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interesting.” 
Jon Kabat-Zinn

HelloFresh is growing three times faster than Blue Apron and is worth twice as much  HelloFresh, the second-biggest U.S. meal kit competitor by market share, went public today on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It joins its beleaguered larger competitor Blue Apron on the public markets. - Recode

Is there really a ‘mystery gambler’ who won $14 million on the World Series?  A mysterious gambler with uncanny luck had bet on the winning team in all of the first five games in the series, Bell wrote on Twitter Tuesday. By “letting it ride” — that is, reinvesting his winnings — on each game, the unidentified bettor had raked in a staggering $8 million, Bell claimed. Now, he said, the risk-taker was going all-in on the Dodgers for Game 6. - Washington Post

'Big void' identified in Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza  The mysteries of the pyramids have deepened with the discovery of what appears to be a giant void within the Khufu, or Cheops, monument in Egypt. It is not known why the cavity exists or indeed if it holds anything of value because it is not obviously accessible. - BBC

Apple Store Lines Return as iPhone X Debuts  Sales of the iPhone X began Friday, and hundreds of customers lined up in Australia and Singapore, aiming to be among the first in the world to get their hands on the most expensive iPhone ever, with a starting price of $999 and features including an edge-to-edge display and a facial-recognition system. - Wall Street Journal

A rogue Twitter employee shut down Donald Trump’s account  It was not a hack, but the work of a lone Twitter employee supposedly with the power to deactivate individual accounts at will, even those managed by hot-tempered heads of state. - The Verge

Six Charts That Help Explain The Tax Plan  Business is the big winner in the $1.5 trillion overhaul of the tax code the House unveiled on Thursday, though the bill offers modest savings for middle-class families. The New York Times compiled six charts to explain the plan. - New York Times

NYC strippers strike: Dancers say nearly naked ‘bottle girls’ are grabbing their cash  This isn’t your normal labor dispute between employees and employers. It’s between bartenders and strippers, on the one hand, and between strippers and club promoters on the other, who tend to side with the bartenders because, after all, it’s the bartenders who they believe are bringing in the customers via social media. - Washington Post
 Technology is Destroying the Most Important Asset in Your Life 
NL Notes: Not time, but more importantly, how you use that time, meaning,  where you place your attention.  It's super #trendy to talk about a cell phone detox, but we argue this should be one of the items consistently added to your to-do list (see yesterday's Daily). Pro tip: If you're going out on a date, or out with friends, leave your phone at home for the night. It's a test of attention that will pay off as you look back at your experience -- "Wow, I was in the moment that. whole. time." Plus, you'll be the one breaking the chain when everyone simultaneously looks at their phones during a moment of boredom. That attention will be infectious, and it will spread in the best way possible. This weekend, #SpreadTheBoredom. 
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