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NL Chats With: Noa Santos, Co-Founder/CEO of on Interior Design Tips, Trends and Finding Your Style
Director's Cut: 'The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved' by Hunter S. Thompson
Revisiting one of the Good Doctor's greatest hits of gonzo journalism.
  40 Minutes - by Hunter S. Thompson for Grantland

The Race to Save Mastery
Mastery, the undefeated colt, was born on Kentucky Derby Day and had the bloodlines and athleticism for stardom. Then one bad step ended it all. 
  13 Minutes - by Joe Drape for The New York Times

The Last Slave
In 1931, Zora Neale Hurston sought to publish the story of Cudjo Lewis, the final slave-ship survivor. Instead it languished in a vault. Until now.
  25 Minutes - by Zora Neale Hurston for Vulture

A Death on Usenet: Sharon Lopatka and the Strange Case of Consensual Murder
“I don’t know how much I pulled the rope. I never wanted to kill her, but she ended up dead.”
  19 Minutes - by Jeremy Lybarger for The Kernel

The Guy Who Cracked The Horse-Racing Code
Bill Benter did the impossible: He wrote an algorithm that couldn’t lose at the track. Close to a billion dollars later, he tells his story for the first time.
  14 Minutes - by Kit Chellel for Bloomberg

In Conversation: Seth Rogen
The actor on his Netflix special, why he truly believes North Korea didn't hack Sony, and the benefits of working stoned.
  29 Minutes - by David Marchese for NYMag

The Great High School Impostor
What Artur Samarin pulled off at a school in small-town Pennsylvania is one of the boldest hoaxes of our time.
  25 Minutes - by Daniel Riley for GQ

All-American Nazis
How a senseless double murder in Florida exposed the rise of an organized fascist youth movement in the United States. NL Note: This is scary. 
  33 Minutes - by Janet Reitman for Rolling Stone

How to Kill a Fish
Most of the fish we eat die by asphyxiation. But there’s a better way, both for the fish and those who eat them.
 20 Minutes - by Cat Ferguson for Topic

The Not So Bitter Battle of Dean Baquet and Marty Baron
They’re pals who once vied for the same jobs. Now, as editors of The New York Times and The Washington Post, they’re locked in a daily battle for Trump scoops.
  20 Minutes - by Bertrand Russell for Harper's Magazine
Must Listen: DJ Koze's New Album, Knock Knock
Stefan Kozalla is creating some of the vibiest, exciting electronic music of the moment, period. Our fave tracks: Moving In a Liquid, Music on My Teeth, Lord Knows ... but also do the right thing and just listen through it from start to finish.
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