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This is the May Playlist, and it is here early for your consumption. We think it's our favorite playlist thus far. New music from Sofi Tukker, Father John Misty, Son Lux & more. Oh yea, and the first track might be the song of the summer. But that's for you to decide.
In the Footsteps of a Killer
Repost: Fifty rapes. Ten murders. Two identities. One man. LA Magazine's infamous article, written by Patton Oswalt's late wife, about the East Bay Rapist/serial killer who was finally caught this week.
  30 Minutes - by Michelle McNamara for Los Angeles Magazine

My Generation is Never Going to Have That
In Seattle's red-hot housing market, a group of millenial techies is using data skills to alter the look, and affordability, of their adopted city.
  48 Minutes - by Paul Roberts for Politico

The Birth of the Park Slope Food Coop
How a food-loving community center became the most infamous - and best - socialist grocery utopia in America.
  14 Minutes - by Max Falkowitz for Grub Street

Inside Jeff Bezos's DC Life
What's with all the socializing? It's gotta be for some grand plan, right?
  28 Minutes - by C.J. Burton for The Washingtonian

Duterte's War
Reuter's 2018, 10-part Pulitzer Prize winning article about the bloody drug crackdown in the Philippines.
  60+ Minutes - by Clare Baldwin, Andrew R.C. Marshall, & Manuel Mogato for Reuters

The Reinvention of America
Do Americans realize how fast the country is becoming a better version of itself?
  29 Minutes - by James Fallows for The Atlantic

Bill Cosby's Big Adventure
From 1993: A profile of Cosby, now a convicted felon/predator, who was at the time, on top of the world and looking to be the biggest mogul in media.
  33 Minutes - by Nikki Finke for Vanity Fair

Why Good People Turn Bad Online
Meet the scientists finding out how we can defeat our inner trolls and build more cooperative digital societies.
 21 Minutes - by Gaia Vince for Mosaic

In Praise of Idleness
From 1932: The famous philosopher, Bertrand Russell, makes the argument for doing less.
  20 Minutes - by Bertrand Russell for Harper's Magazine

The Mystery of the Most Famous Person Missing on Youtube
He ran out of an airport terminal, terrified. CCTV recorded him. But he's never been seen again - even though thousands of YouTubers and Redditors have attempted to crack the case.
  12 Minutes - by Kirk Pepi for Mel Magazine
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We're now calling this "The Weekly Reader" as it was once known as The Sunday Reader. That's because, our goal is to provide enough reading so you're well provided for through next Sunday, and not just for Sunday. It's a slight change, but one worth calling out. 

You know what we're interested in though? How you read the Weekly Reader. Do you print the articles out and read them in the sauna throughout the week? (Yes, one of our readers does that). Do you pocket them and read during your morning commute like I do when vetting the articles? Do you have another way of organizing the content that you choose to spend your time with? Shoot us an e-mail, we'd love to get to know your individual, unique, very-special consumption methods.

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