Volume 6: Immortality - Doomsday - David Lynch - Brain Re-wiring...
this is volume 6.

monday 04.03.17
The Super Rich and The White Man in That Photo prep for Doomsday and ultimately, Immortality. Meanwhile, the Man in The Rockefeller Suit Rewires His Brain with Neurofeedback while navigating nightmares with David Lynch.

NL Notes: Trippy but true sentence, "Deep breathing calms you down because brain cells spy on your breath." In technology you don't need, but definitely want news, Doppler Labs wants to lower the volume on that crying baby, and any other individual sound element within your vicinity with their bionic earbud, the Here One.  GQ's 25 New Best Stores in the World feature is full of tasteful design and unique retail concepts, weilding 'experience' as brick & mortar's great weapon against the surge of eCommerce. One of our favorites? One Grand Books, a book shop in the Catskills with each shelf curated by literary folks and famous people, answering the question "What 10 Books Would You Bring to a Desert Island?" AIPad's Photography Showcase at Pier 94 in NYC ended yesterday. Here are the '10 Remarkable Photographers' from this year's show. Aaaand Seiko is re-releasing the watch that Steve Jobs famously wore in that photo of him and his apple computer in his living room.Let's rock n' roll. PS, follow us on Instagram & Facebook.
  by Paul Tullis 
 15 mins
Are You Rich Enough to Live Forever?
Immortality is one luxury the world's wealthiest are determined to buy—at any cost. And while you’re mid-immortality search, you wouldn’t want some sort of apocalypse to ruin your plans, so you’ve got your…

   by Evan Osnos
 38 mins
Doomsday Prep for The Super Rich 
In private Facebook groups, wealthy survivalists swap tips on gas masks, bunkers, and locations safe from the effects of climate change. One member, the head of an investment firm, told me, “I keep a helicopter gassed up all the time, and I have an underground bunker with an air-filtration system.”
   by Riccardo Gazziniga
The White Man in That Photo 
“I believe in what you believe. Do you have another one of those for me ?” he asked pointing to the Olympic Project for Human Rights badge on the others’ chests. “That way I can show my support in your cause." ..For years Norman had only one chance to save himself: he was invited to condemn his co-athletes, John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s gesture in exchange for a pardon from the system that ostracized him." ..He never gave in.

"You don't need to be twice as good to get twice the results. You just need to be slightly better."  -James Clear explains the 1 Percent Rule 

  by Mark Seal
 50 mins
(Crime Story, Long Read): The Man in The Rockefeller Suit
When Clark Rockefeller snatched his daughter during a custody dispute, what the D.A. called “the longest con I’ve seen in my professional career” came unraveled, and the trail led to bones buried in a California backyard.

  by Winston Ross
Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream
“Clients …can simply sit in a comfortable chair for half-hour sessions with a few wires protruding from their scalp and get a mental tune-up, if not a complete rewiring of an off-kilter brain.”
   by Sean O'Neal
 17 mins
GQ's David Lynch Profile + The Return of Peaks 
Cinema auteur, transcendental meditation proselytizer, and a man fueled by equal parts routine and chaos. “As a result, most of Lynch’s ensemble tends to speak of working with him as less film shoot than New Age spa retreat—someplace they find their bliss by performing life’s deepest fears and cruelties for premium cable.”
the news
Alexa and Siri, waging war over the hotel room Apple and Amazon are battling to win a critical deal to supply voice powered assistants to Marriott's Aloft hotel chain. Winning this deal will likely provide the victor with the opportunity to roll out their product in Marriot’s entire portfolio of hotels. - Tech Crunch

Stocks start week steady after strong quarter, U.S. policies in focus International stocks opened today on a strong footing with China leading the pickup in the global economy.  U.S markets will keep an eye on the payroll figures to be released on Friday. - Reuters

Tesla Beats Estimate With 25,000 Deliveries as Model 3 Nears - Tesla delivered just over 25,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2017. This figure keeps the company on pace in reaching their lofty goal of delivering 50,000 cars in the first half of 2017. Tesla's delivery numbers beat analysts' estimates by about 800 cars. -  Bloomberg

Want That Apartment? You May Have to Bid For It - A San Francisco start up is developing an Ebay-style auction house for the digital booking or rental properties. Users can bid on rent, security deposit and any other negotiable term in a rental lease. - Wall Street Journal


  Documentary: The Greasy Hand Preachers 

Screenshot: Redbull TV

  82 mins
Description: "A diverse group of souls are united in their rejection of a "traditional" life. Instead, they've found their own path to enlightenment in their garages, a sense of purpose and a connection to a global family born of building and riding motorcycles."
Why Watch?: Beautiful images and a beautiful way of life. 

 Paradis - Simon Mény and Pierre Rousseau knew when they met that their sound would be unique – one leaned towards house dance and the other towards French pop. Their combined style results in smooth downtempo french beats, with luscious french language lyrics.

Notable Jams: Garde Le Pour Toi, Toi et Moi, & Recto Verso
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