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The Sunday Reader
Target: Journalist
How the Assad Regime tracked and killed Marie Colvin for Reporting on war crimes in Syria.
  25 Minutes - by Johnny Dwyer and Ryan Gallagher for The Intercept

The Rap Pact: How Jay Z and Hot 97 Formed an Alliance to Take Over Hip-Hop
In the ’90s, the alliance between New York’s most influential rap radio station and the ultimate hustler paid off handsomely for both.
  17 Minutes - by Thomas Golianopolous for Pitchfork

What 24 Hours in a Diner Taught Me About New York
To stay up all night is the ultimate way to experience the city that never sleeps.
  10 Minutes - by Tara Isabella Burton for 1843 Magazine

The Original, Investigative 20-Part Series on the Cult Documented in Wild Wild Country
Yikes, that Sheela scares us.
  10 Minutes - by Les Zaitz for Oregon Live

A Sidelined Wall Street Legend Bets Big on Bitcoin
Chronicling the major moves being made by Michael Novogratz -  one of the more colorful personalities on Wall Street. 
  30 Minutes - by Gary Shteyngart for The New Yorker

Kurt Kobain, The Rolling Stone Interview: Success Doesn't Suck
Kobain rages on (and on) about stardom, fatherhood, his feud with Pearl Jam, the death of grunge and why he's never been happier in his life...
 25 Minutes - by David Fricke for Rolling Stone

With the Coming L-Train Shutdown, Lower Manhattan Braces for Upheaval
The L train, one of New York City’s busiest subway lines, will be shut down in Manhattan early next year, forcing thousands of riders to use alternatives, including buses, which will flood 14th Street and several surrounding neighborhoods.
  10 Minutes - by Sarah Maslin Nir for The New York Times

The Door is the Party
"A journalist parties his way through high-art, modest commerce, meaningless social frenzy without seeing a single movie at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. 
  27 Minutes - by Josh Bearman  for Medium

Monica Take Manhattan
From 2001: Monica Lewinsky came to New York in search of a second act. And so far, she's made a better go of it than, say, Bill Clinton. She attends glamorous parties, goes on "half blind" dates, and has a nascent business designing purses. In fact, she seems to enjoy life as a one-name celebrity -- though she'd rather not discuss what she's famous for.
  39 Minutes - by Vanessa Grigoriadis for The NYMag
Editor's Note:

I'm going to gush here for a moment about something that I hope none of our LA-based readers take for granted: KCRW radio. Without an aux cord or bluetooth this weekend to play in my rental car during a weekend trip to Santa Barbara, I was forced to click <seek> until I landed on 88.7, the NPR-backed radio station playing a deep cut from MGMT's new album. For the rest of the weekend, I found myself Shazamming at red lights, and like I do with a good vinyl record - looking forward to the mystery of that next song. 

The station was truly DJ'ing their radio segments - thoughtful transitions taking into consideration genre, BPM's and an ear towards time period diversity. As has been lamented about, that kind of indie-radio station that simultaneously reflects and drives culture doesn't really exist in NYC outside of the hip hops scene. (Please send me your favorite station if you think I'm wrong). Radio might be analog with long odds towards a true comeback, but that scarcity of selection is refreshing. We might have to start our own radio hour...

Radio dreams aside, we wanted to thank our readers for the amazing support behind our most recent strategic decisions, and we can guarantee you that we're working hard to enhance the New Library reading experience. So here's another call to join a group of our readers in our Slack group (we're calling it a digital Soho House, but a lot less sceney) to help drive that experience and to just generally share, connect and chat about... really anything. Shoot us an e-mail with a little bit about yourself to join...

Enjoy your Sunday,

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