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The Sunday Reader
Danchi Dreams: Documenting Tokyo's Forgotten Futuristic Housing Developments
Exploring the apartments built in the 60's, 70's and 80's that once billed themselves as the future of Japanese civilian lifestyle.
Dwayne Johnson: The Pain and the Passion That Fuel the Rock
Hollywood's most dependable good guy on saving the day in 'Rampage,' his beef with Vin Diesel, presidential rumors and more
  25 Minutes - by David Hill for The New Yorker

If You Take Out Kenan Thompson, The Studio Will Explode
Insiders at SNL consider Kenan Thompson to be one of the greatest sketch comics ever. As he approaches a record 15th season on the show, maybe you should, too.
  17 Minutes - by Maxwell Strachan for Huffington Post

"The Clock is Ticking": Inside the Worst U.S. Maritime Disaster in Decades
A recording salvaged from three miles deep tells the story of the doomed “El Faro,” a cargo ship engulfed by a hurricane.
  51 Minutes - by William Langewiesche for Vanity Fair

A Betrayal
The teenage told police all about his gang, MS-13. In return, he was slated for deportation and marked for death.
  30Minutes - by Hannah Dreier for ProPublica

Life Inside China's Social Credit Laboratory
The party’s massive experiment in ranking and monitoring Chinese citizens has already started.
  17 Minutes - by Simina Mistreanu for Foreign Policy

To Change Your Life, Learn How to Trust Your Future Self
"What’s exciting about this way of looking at things is that not only does this explain why some people can, and do, win the battle against temptation, but it also gives the rest of us a strategy for how we can do the same."
  13 Minutes - by Jeff Wise for NYMag

The Four-Letter Code to Selling Just About Anything
What makes things cool?
  14 Minutes - by Derek Thompson for The Atlantic

Chef on the Edge
From 2008: A profile of David Chang and his search for the perfect restaurant.
  39 Minutes - by Larissa MacFarquhar for The New Yorker 

The Boy Who Played with Fusion
A profile of Taylor Wilson, who achieved nuclear fusion at age 14.
  20 Minutes - by Tom Clynes for Popular Science
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