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The Sunday Reader
Worst Roommate Ever
This is a terrifying true story that will have you asking for references next time you're about to enter into any type of long-term relationship with another human.
25 Minutes - by William Brennan for New York Magazine

Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview
"I start with architecture, and Mark starts with products, and Steve Jobs started with aesthetics."
  25 Minutes - by Mark O'Connell for The Guardian 

What ever happened to Brendan Fraser?
Quite a sad story about a former leading man, now breaking back into the acting world. What happened was a series of personal struggles and one humiliating event that Mr. Fraser is first speaking about in this article.
20 Minutes - by Zach Baron for GQ

Back to the Grind
Nearly two decades after selling his iconic Coffee Connection to Starbucks, George Horwell is about to attempt a comeback. Can the cafe visionary retake the coffee world, or has his time passed?
18 Minutes - by Janelle Nanos for Boston Magazine

When You Listen to Music, You're Never Alone
Musical creation and experience is a fundamental building block of human evolution. When we click *play,* even through headphones, a certain sense of socialization is felt. 
10Minutes - by Daniel A. Gross for Nautilus

Nostalgia on Repeat
Why do we feel nostalgia? And do infinite entertainment choices change the way we look back?
11 Minutes - by Chuck Klosterman for Grantland

Critics say that porn degrades women, dulls sexual pleasure, and ruins authentic relationships - are they right?
19 Minutes - by Maria Konnikova for Aeon
Watching: Cuts to rare footage of Bob Dylan performing in concert. Trips to Tokyo, Brooklyn, and Italy. Aziz Ansari jamming on guitar while the chef of a Japanese pizza restaurant plays drums. David Chang delivering for Domino's. Those are just some of the stylistically patch worked scenes in the first episode of Mr. Chang's brilliant new show on Netflix, Ugly Delicious - sure to make you both think about the discussions around each food-focused episode and salivate over said food... in equal parts. 

It's the clear casual outfit to Chef's Table's 3-piece suit, and it's the type of original programming that gets our entertainment bones-a-tingling. Hot tip: you'll want to watch this show with a full belly, or god help your kitchen/Seamless account.

More Watching:  A Stupid and Futile Gesture is a movie about the founding of National Lampoon (Animal House, Caddyshack, the famous magazine, etc. etc.). Disguised as an extremely clever, uniquely told comedy, it's really the story of a startup media company, and all of the obstacles and heartbreak that come with both the success and eventual failure of a wildly raucous group of misfits at the vanguard of the world of humor. We give it three thumbs up. 

Listening: In 2017, the elusive Chilean-American composer, Nicolas Jaar put on a set at Panorama Festival that befuddled and bent minds to the point where the crowd wasn't sure whether to dance or just try to figure out where he would go with his music, from moment to moment. For me, it stood out as my favorite live performance of the year. Jaar has put out two very critically acclaimed albums in the past 7 years, and secretly slipped out an album (2012-2017) this past week under his not so well-known project A.A.L (Against All Logic).  If you're not familiar with Jaar, hit play on the first track, and step into his world. He's one of the best to do it. 

What are you watching/listening to? E-mail us. We want to know what we're missing. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends. It only comes once a week.

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