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sunday 03.26.17
The Cool Kids of Opening Ceremony drink with the Walter White of Beer while performing Psychedelic Miracles on Terrence Malick and the Danish furniture designer Jen Risom

NL Notes:  ‘Gems This Week’ is a new feature on our site, existing as a curated mix of content AND an artist/photographer collaboration. Our first ever puts a spotlight on a true adventurer. Warning: will inspire wanderlust.  A Secret Little NYC Glass House TMagazine Design Issue feature/video is a pleasurable peak into a modernist artist’s hangout. Speaking of – have you ever wondered, what is good art? How do I buy it? Who…am I? “Collecting Art for Love, Money & More” may have the answer to two of those questions. An equally important existentialist quandary? Who is Guy Fieri? (yes, this a longform article on Guy Fieri). Traveling for work or play? Here are the bags, clothes, tools and drugs recommended by Outside Magazine for long haul flights.
 by Paul Maher Jr.
 30+ mins
The Only Written Terrence Malick Interview that Exists 
He’s the most enigmatic movie director of our time. The genius behind Tree of Life, The Thin Red Line, and the upcoming “Song to Song,” starring a who’s who of acting, (Gosling, Mara, Portman, Blanchett, the list goes on…) avoids the press like the plague. We literally had to find a Google Books version of this 1974 interview which is a section in the book, One Big Soul. Fun “Terry” fact: Adrien Brody, who was cast as the lead in The Thin Red Line, didn’t realize that Malick had cut his part down to just a few lines until he sat down and watched it at the premiere (he removed Mickey Rourke and Bill Pullman entirely).

  by Amanda Dameron 
Jen Risom's Block Island Family Retreat
Risom was a famous Danish furniture designer who emigrated to the US, served under George S. Patton in WWII, and teamed up with designer Hans Knoll before launching the epynomous Jens Risom Design (JRD) company. His prefab a-frame on Block Island is a living testament to the sharpest level of aesthetic and design expertise in an extremely laid back, envy-inducing form.

   by Emma Allen 
 25 mins
The Cool Kids Behind (Fashion Brand/Boutique) Opening Ceremony
Humberto Lim and Carol Leon have won design awards, and they’re not even designers. Instead, they’re “two people with specific tastes who lean on a network of talented friends whose devotion to them, and vice versa, borders on the familial.” Their fashion brand, Opening Ceremony is collaborator’s heaven and their store in New York is a hub for artists, musicians, actors, skaters and club kids. Lim and Leon are the definitive example of how far great taste can take you.

 35 mins
The Psychedelic Miracle 
Hipsters have been using ayahuasca as the new juice cleanse while finance and tech bros “microdose” LSD to unleash their untapped creative powers. Now, trailblazing doctors are using extremely measured doses of MDMA, shrooms, and other hallucinogens as “psychedelic therapy” to fight mental illnesses, including PTSD.  Dr. X (name redacted in article), claims, “I think it's the best tool to achieving well-being, so I feel morally and ethically compelled to open up that space."

  by Lars Eriksen
 12 mins
The Walter White of Beer 
How Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a Danish chemistry teacher, ended up founding one of the world's most acclaimed microbreweries, Mikkeller.

   by TechDirt Staff
Traffic is Fake, Audience Numbers Are Garbage, and Nobody Knows How Many People See Anything
New Library has 27 million subscribers.

the news
YouTube is facing a full-scale advertising boycott over hate speech The largest brands continue to pull advertisements from YouTube’s platform. YouTube has been unable to ensure that ads for big brands such Walmart, GM and Starbucks will not appear on offensive videos centered on hateful messages. - The Verge

Uber self-driving test car involved in crash in Arizona A self-driving Volvo SUV was left on its side after it was involved in a crash with a car operated by a human. Uber grounded its self-driving fleet in Arizona while an investigation is taking place. - Tech Crunch

Russian police detain opposition leader, dozens of protesters In Russia, thousands were involved in demonstrations against political corruption and a demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. As a result, police detained dozens of protestors, and among the protestors detained was the opposition leader Alexei Navalny. - Reuters

From Multiplex to Living Room, in 45 Days or Less Hollywood is breaking decades of tradition and moving forward with a “premium” video-on-demand service which will allow consumers to view major motion pictures only a few weeks after they hit theaters. By year-end this option will be available for around $30-50. - Wall Street Journal
listen up
Podcast: The Interview with Chess Prodigy and High Performance Consultant, Josh Waitzkin
 75 mins
Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Podcast
Why Listen?: Josh Waitzkin was the chess prodigy that the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer is based on.  Since those days, he's become a Tai Chi push hands world champion, a Jiu Jitsu black belt under the Michael Jordan of Jiu Jitsu (Marcelo Garcia), the author of one of our favorite books, The Art of Learning, and a personal performance consultant, who only focuses on the top 5 people in any field. His goal? Make them #1.

 Spoon is one of, if not the most consistent bands in the game. Lead-singer and creative powerhouse, Britt Daniel has done it again with Spoon's new album, Hot Thoughts.  
Notable Jams: Can I Sit Next to You, Hot Thoughts, Hot Thoughts, Us
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