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The Sunday Reader
Gianni Versace, An Astronaut, Tehran's Nightclubs, Tourism, American Literature, Francis Mallmann, Airborne Opulence + Letherette 

//NL Interview
Letherette Is Making Electronic Music With A Sophisticated, Feel-Good Soul

A chat with one of our go-to music producers for when we need to hit *play*, and feel good about the musical decisions that we make in this short life. 
  by Nancy Bilyeau
 13 mins
The True Story of Gianni Versace's Murder
It was a twisted tale of sex, drugs, and a serial killer on the run that ultimately ended in the death of a fashion icon. How did Versace's assassin get away with his murder—and what drove him to do it in the first place?

  by Michelle Celarier
 11 mins
How a Misfit Group of Computer Geeks and English Majors Transformed Wall Street
In the 1980s, a quiet hedge fund located above a Marxist bookstore launched a revolution that would change finance (and give us Amazon).

  by Katy Vine
 25 mins
The Astronaut Who Might Actually Get Us to Mars
The improbable journey of Franklin Chang Díaz, who immigrated to the U.S. at eighteen, became an astronaut, tied the record for most spaceflights, and now might hold the key to deep space travel.

   by Ed Caesar
 21 mins
Inside Tehran's Secret Culture of Nightclubs
As Iran faces the largest protests the country has seen since the 2009 presidential election, GQ recalls the time they gate-crashed Tehran's underground nightlife scene, just before the unrest erupted in 2009, and discovered a seditious secret society flourishing in one of the most repressive nations on earth

  by Kent Russell
 50 mins
The Disaster Tourist
Inside the world of dark tourism, where for just $2,500 you too could be responsible for a geopolitical calamity.

  by Andy Greenberg
 13 mins
How to Win Founders & Influence Everybody
Margit Wennmachers is Andreessen Horowitz’s secret weapon.

   by Kathryn Shulz
 21 mins
The Lost Giant of American Literature
A major black novelist made a remarkable debut. How did he disappear?

 by Jeff Gordinier
 20 mins
Is Francis Mallmann The Most Interesting Chef in The World? 
Yes, he's a famous chef, but not for any of his nine restaurants around the globe. Francis Mallmann is famous for being Francis Mallmann, an elusive, complex, honest man who does his own thing—in the kitchen and in life. And nowhere does his primal style of hospitality burn brighter than on his private island in the heart of Patagonia.

 by Gideon Lewis-Kraus
 15 mins
Selling Airborne Opulence to the Upper Upper Upper Class
For a private-jet broker, success is all about knowing who's who in the .0001 percent.
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