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The Sunday Reader
Eric Trine, MLK Jr., The Tofflers, Blood Spore, Aristotle & Computers, Triple Meltdown, Your Brain, & Strange Brands

//NL Interview
Eric Trine Creates  the Multicolor Accent  Furniture of Your Dreams
We talk to the designer about the consumption habits and trends fueling the creativity behind his growing line of popular interior objects.
  by Alex Haley
 65 mins
The Longest Interview Martin Luther King Jr. Ever Gave to the Press
Conducted shortly after he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

  by Danny Vinik
 15 mins
The Annotated Toffler: The Couple That Predicted The World We Live In Today 
They formulated an entire theory of history, effectively anticipating the information age. Their book Future Shock, is a New Library favorite. Educate yo'self.

   by Hamilton Morris
 50 mins
Blood Spore
A biologist who fervently studied the effects of magic mushrooms and how they could improve the quality of life was mysteriously murdered. That's a story to be read. 

   by Andy Greenberg
 18 mins
How Aristotle Created the Computer
The philosophers he influenced set the stage for the technological revolution that remade our world.

   by Andy Greenberg
 13 mins
Triple Meltdown: How So Many Researchers Found a 20-Year Chip Flaw at the Same Time 
"His code, designed to steal information from the deepest, most protected part of a computer's operating system, known as the kernel, no longer spat out random characters but what appeared to be real data siphoned from the sensitive guts of his machine..."

   by Robert Sapolsky
 23 mins
Why Your Brain Hates Other People
The Us vs. Them mentality is emotional and oftentimes automatic. There's a way to make it think differently.

   by Alexis C. Madrigal
 13 mins
The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed
A new breed of online retailer doesn’t make or even touch products, but they’ve got a few other tricks for turning nothing into money.
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