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Welcome To The Future
Paul Thomas Anderson, Long Island Teens, Lou Pearlman, Economics, America's Crap Airports, A Massacre in Texas

The NL January Playlist
Loaded up with 38 hand-selected gems and co-curated by the NL Music Council, we've gone to the depths of the music vaults while mixing in some shiny new things to create the soundtrack to Your New Year. Enjoy & share with your musically inclined friends.

The Things You Know.
How Do Pain Relievers Work? -@UnplugTheTV
//NL Interview
We spoke with our new favorite sample-driven beatmaker.
The college undergrad whose obsessive sampling has led to some of the most fun, nostalgia-driven, and sophisticated party music currently slipping into your spotify playlists.
   by Zach Baron 
 22 mins
The Dark Optimism of Paul Thomas Anderson
Known as a recluse, PTA  is one of, if not the most admired filmmakers alive. In a rare interview, he chats about his new film Phantom Thread.

   by Mark Manson
 32 mins
The Teens of Long Island Trapped Between a Gang and the Law
On LI, unaccompanied writers are caught between the violence, of MS-13, and the fear of deportation.

   by Bryan Burrough
 45 mins
Semi-Retro: Mad About the Boys
Lou Pearlman, the guy responsible for the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync, bilked his investors of $300 million and fled the country. But the boys say he was interested in more than just money.

  by Peter Gray
 11 mins
Economists are Obsessed with "Job Creation." How About Less Work?
Increased automation has not reduced our workload. Why not? What if it did?

  by Leanna Or
 21 mins
Why America's Airports Suck
The story of Laguardia Airport. NL Note: Thank goodness someone told this story. LGA is straight embarrrrassing.

  by Ginger Thompson
How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Texas
The inside story of how a cartel's deadly assault on a Mexican town near the Texas border -- and the U.S. drug operation that sparked it.

  by Adam Green
 15 mins
I Love You, I'm Here For You, And I'll Always Be Here For You. But I Can't Save You.
Philip Seymour Hoffman’s widow on addiction, loss, and recovery.
Editor's Note:
Over the weekend, I spent some time in a cabin in sub-zero temperature New York State mainly stoking the fire in between episodes of Season 4 of Black Mirror. It's the perfect show to cap off a year of increasingly negative sentiment towards a reliance on technology and it's role in global events.  

This year, we resolve to continue to provide great reading, listening and watching that enriches our audience. No click-bait and no alarmism. Just a hyper-focus on quality content to keep you informed across a variety of interest areas and perspectives. And we'll do it with some good ole' intuition and human feedback. 

Ultimately, we're optimistic for the future, and we're excited to spend it with you.


-Nick West
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