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The Sunday Reader
Money Handlers, Radical Paintings, The Coen Brothers, Bitcoin, Strategic Neuroscience, Daniel-Day Lewis, & Dealers.

Office City
NL Exclusive //
Photographer Captures The Grey Area Between Sci-Fi & Reality in Neon-Colored Tokyo

We spoke to Cody Ellingham, the photographer and creator of Derive - a cinematic photo and digital experience exploring the cyber metropolis that is Tokyo, Japan. 

  by Paul Schrodt
Inside the World of Celebrity Money Handlers
Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t know her ATM pin. Oprah hadn’t seen the inside of a bank in 29 years. Serena Williams tried to deposit million dollar checks in a bank’s drive-thru... but somebody's got to know how to do this stuff.

  by Peter Schjeldahl
The Radical Paintings of Laura Owens
In a journal that Owens kept in her early twenties, she wrote a fourteen-point list entitled “How to Be the Best Artist in the World.”

  by David Handelman
 15 mins
Retro: Joel & Ethan Coen: The Brothers From Another Planet 
From 1987: Have you seen their movies? Aren't you curious about what RS was writing about the brother directors who have been at the top of the game for the past 30 years back when they were only 3 films in?

  by Howard Lee
 10 mins
Bitcoin  Is a Delusion That Could Conquer The World
The cryptocurrency’s current price is completely unreal. Then again, so is money.

  byJeffrey Schwarts, Josie Thomson and Art Kleiner
 22 mins
The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership
The concept of the wise advocate is one of the best descriptions of a hard-to-describe, but extremely effective workplace strategy commonly seen amongst top leaders.

  by Lynn Hirschberg
 15 mins
Daniel-Day Lewis Opens Up About Giving Up Acting After Phantom Thread 
Daniel Day Lewis became so engulfed with depression while taking on his final role in Paul Thomas Anderson's latest movie that he decided to quit acting.

   by Joe Eaton
 28 mins
King of Boise: The Life & Times of a Teenage Oxycodone Dealer
The high comes on fast, a euphoric feeling of life itself slowing down, a calm feeling of absolute contentment. But the feeling is fleeting. Thirty minutes later, an addict will be itching for more.

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