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The Sunday Reader
Van's, A Hype King, Barstool Sports, McMansions, The NFL Wars, Drug Cartels, Smart Cities + More
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In our (slightly regular) interview series, Creative Consumptionwe   chronicle the consumption habits and trends that creators, entrepreneurs, and all-around strivers are prioritizing to enhance their lives. 
  by Jonathan Evans
 12 mins
How Van's Became The Shoes Everyone's Wearing -  Again
Vans are tight. 

 by Sheila Marikar
LA's New Hype King Has Cracked How Millenials Spend.
Jesse Lee's Dub Frequency Media owns one of the hottest new restaurants, an experiential marketing company for the biggest brands, a high-end magazine and a very dope media site. We're jealous. 

  by Jay Kaspian King 
 31 mins
Spurned by ESPN, Barstool Sports is Staying on Offense.
The insurgent media company has built a devoted following of what it sees as “average” sports fans: unruly, occasionally toxic and aggressively male.

  by Kate Wagner
 14 mins
McMansion, USA
Did you know home size WENT UP after the most recent recession? 

  by Joe Tone
 25 mins
The Rookie & The Zetas 
How the feds took down a drug cartel's horse racing empire.

  by Don Van Natta Jr. & Seth Wickersham
 20 mins
The NFL War: Jerry Jones Vs. Roger Goodell
Nobody's knows how it's going to end.

  by Laura Bliss
Who Wins When A City Gets Smart?
Will a city’s new developments help low-income residents access services and the booming economy, or is it just more empty rhetoric?

   by William Browning
 37 mins
A Long Walk's End 
James T. Hammes embezzled $8.7 million from an Ohio-based Pepsi distributor, and then he went on the run. Or rather on the hike—he took off on the Appalachian Trail for six years.

  by Joshua Davis 
 15 mins
Arab Spring Break 
Last year, Chris Jeon, a 21-year-old UCLA math major, left his $9,000-a-month internship at a financial firm in San Francisco in search of “real” experience. He wound up fighting with the rebels in Libya, where things got real fast.
Editor's Note:
Run out of Netflix shows to watch? We have. Solution? Watch, or re-watch Jim Carrey's Man on The Moon, about the life of groundbreaking, boundary and button-pushing comedian, Andy Kaufman. Follow that up with the currently 100%  fresh documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. It's both a behind-the-scenes look at how Jim's method acting in Man on the Moon blurred the lines between character & reality, and an homage to his life and career.  It's a must for any fan of comedy, Jim, or deep questions about life and identity. ....Whoa. 

Also, happy holiday this week to our US domestic readers (plus a good bunch of our international friends), + a belated Thanksgiving to Canada (yea, they did it first), and good luck with your shopping. Keep it cyber. 
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