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Lonely Polar Bear, Alternative Medicine, Boomtowns, Crowded Houses, Mattress Nightmares, Twitter, Audio Perfection & Led Zeppelin
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Architecture Talk.
Game: Can You Make it as an Uber Driver?
The Financial Times created an interactive game to shed light on the unseen costs and difficulty of making it in the gig economy. It'll make you think twice next time you're deciding between a 4 and 5 stars ride.
  by Kale Williams
 40 mins
The Loneliest Polar Bear
The life and times of Nora. This article is outfitted with videos, infographics and photos. We love the interactivity. 

  by Akshat Rathi
 27 mins
The Journey of a 'Doctor' Who Joined the Cult of Alternative Medicine and Then Broke Out of It
Britt Hermes was at one point an enthusiastic 'naturopath' bent on spreading the good word of alternative medicine as a practicing 'doctor.' One event changed her mind and her entire outlook on the practice, sending her career in the exact opposite direction. 

  by Michael Grunwald
 25 mins
The Boomtown That Shouldn't Exist 
Cape Coral, Florida, was built on total lies. One big storm could wipe it off the map. Oh, and it's also the fastest growing city in the United States. 

  by Tad Friend
 30 mins
Crowded House: An NYC Apartment Way Too Good to be True.
Promises of membership to SOHO house and access to celebrity parties came with the rental.  The potential renters thought that they'd found the perfect apartment. Turns out, they weren't alone. 

  by David Zax
 15 mins
The War to Sell You a Mattress is an Internet Nightmare 
Why did Casper sue a mattress blogger? The reason reveals a multi-million dollar battle to get you into bed. 

  by Mike Monteiro 
 10 mins
An Oral History of Twitter, From Beginning to End.
"When companies tell you they need to be more transparent it’s generally because they’ve been caught being transparent. You accidentally saw behind the curtain. Twitter is behaving exactly as it’s been designed to behave."

   by Ashley Powers
 18 mins
Engineering Excellence: The Search for Audio Perfection
Etymonic is widely considered the gold standard for earbud sound. This an interview with their Director of Audiology, to talk about their technology, people's listening habits, and whether audio perfection will ever be achieved.

  by Richard Williams 
 20 mins
RETRO: An Interview with Robert Plant, Lead Singer of Led Zeppelin, When He Was 22 Years Old 
As the former Led Zeppelin frontman releases his new solo album to rapturous reviews, we look back at Richard Williams’s interview with the then 22-year-old singer, originally published in Melody Maker and resurrected by Rock’s Backpages.
Editor's Note: In the past three weeks or so, a bunch of really  good albums have been released. Some may be great. That's for you to decide. It's been a sonic overload, and we are by no means complaining about it. So, do the albums some justice, listen to them front to back with friends, intertwining the sessions with some good ole' conversation. That's why they made the music.

Here are the ones we're especially hooked on, click to listen:

Robert Plant - Carry Fire 
The lead singer of Led Zeppelin is back.
Destroyer - Ken 
Uber poetic/disgruntled artist, Dan Bejar creates indie rock for martini drinkers.
St. Vincent - Masseducation
Incredible guitarist/alternative pop queen.
King Krule - The Ooze
23 year old experimental music prodigy makes rap/trip-hop/punk jazz a thing. 
Blue Hawaii - Tenderness
The lead singer of Braids' other band - indie electronic. 
Gucci Mane - Mr. Davis
Gucci Mane.
Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference 
The future and present of fusion/jazz.
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