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The House of Hef, 15 Year Old SEC Nemesis, Blade Runner, Kid Rock, Music & Insta, John McPhee & Ernest Hemingway
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  by Chris Jones
 39 mins
The House of Hugh Hefner.
(From April 2013): He's turning 87 as Playboy turns 60. The world has taken its toll on both, but the world is still no match for life at the Mansion. 

  by Michael Lewis 
 35 mins
Retro: Stock Manipulator, SEC Nemesis, 15 Years Old. 
Using several email addresses and a lot of exclamation points, teenager Jonathan Lebed worked finance message boards in the morning before school and made almost a million bucks. Then he made the head of the S.E.C. look like a fool.

  by Joe Flaherty
 24 mins
Untold Story: The Battle for Blade Runner
Released to mixed reviews in 1982, director Ridley Scott's neo-noir vision of a not-too-distant future went on to cult status and influenced a generation of filmmakers.

   by Jerilyn Jordan 
 25 mins
To Understand Kid Rock's Politics, We Attempted to go to All Six of His Shows at Little Caesars Arena
"The hope was that by the end of this masochistic marathon, we'd have an answer to whether Kid Rock was really running for Senate, and to maybe understand the politics of potential Kid Rock voters. If we're at all lucky, the answer will not be the least bit entertaining."

  by Lillian Ross
 13 mins
How Instagram Became the Music Industry's Secret Weapon 
Legendary writer Lillian Ross profiles Ernest Hemingway during one of his visits to NYC in 1950. 

  by Sam Anderson
 25 mins
The Mind of John McPhee
Considered a pioneer of creative nonfiction, this article explores the deeply private McPhee's obsessive writing process. 

  by Lillian Ross
 53 mins
How Do You Like it Now, Gentlemen?
Legendary writer Lillian Ross profiles Ernest Hemingway during one of his visits to NYC in 1950. 
 Aspen Ideas To Go' Podcast: The Future of Imagination.
Thinking about the far-off future isn’t just an exercise in intellectual curiosity. It’s a practical skill that, as new research reveals, has a direct neurological link to greater creativity, empathy, and optimism. In this session from master game designer and acclaimed futurist Jane McGonigal, you’ll learn three practical habits that will increase the power of your imagination.
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