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The Addict Lawyer, High-End Movers, Interpol, HGTV, Gucci Mane, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jake LaMotta, Snopes & Iggy Azalea 
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Mom? Dad?
   by Eilene Zimmerman
 19 mins
The Lawyer, The Addict 
A high-powered Silicon Valley attorney dies. His ex-wife investigates and finds a web of drug abuse in his profession. 

   by Finn Murphy 
 22 mins
A High-End Mover Dishes on Truckstop Hierarchy, Rich People, and Moby Dick 
"I'll take the movie stars, the ambassadors, the big-wigs."

  by Ben Thompson
 12 mins
Stories of Excess: Interpol's Turn on The Bright Lights, 15 Years Later
Explaining "I feel like a confused participant, or a survivor of PTSD," Interpol bassist, Carlos Dengler, talks about the tumultuous time recording of indie rocks' best albums. 

  by Caitlin Flanagan
 24 mins
Is HGTV and It's Cutesy Couples Leading Us Towards the Next Housing Crisis?
There's nothing more addictively soothing than watching someone flipping homes, or seeing Chip goof around while Joanna does all the real work.  That is, until we end up in a real-life rerun of the housing bubble. 

  by Ann Derrick-Gaillot
 15 mins
Writing with the Trap God, Gucci Mane.
A conversation with the co-author of Gucci Mane's autobiography. "I had a chance to meet a lot of famous rappers, but he's something, man. You have that humanizing moment. And with Gucci, I will tell you that is not the case. That guy lives up to your expectations and then some."

  by Jake Edelstein
 16 mins
'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' The Early Years: Crazy Auditions and the Art of the Cringe 
David and the cast dish on the humble origins of the HBO hit, the lines that made them stars, and discovering the science behind the awkwardness, "I had no idea I had that effect on people. 

  by Joe Flaherty
 24 mins
The Woeful Life of Jake LaMotta (RIP) 
"LaMotta’s fortunes and misfortunes have been so cosmic they could be considered godlike if it weren’t for the sacrilege implied. The ruin he has heaped on himself, and on many of those who’ve come in contact with him, seems pagan." 

  by Michelle Dean
 24 mins
Snopes and the Search for Facts in a Post-Facts World
Seaching for the truth about a site known for busting myths.

  by Clover Hope
The Making & Unmaking of Iggy Azalea
Back then, Polow didn’t see her vision. “I told her, ‘Nobody’s gonna buy you being hood..."
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