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The Sunday Reader
The Stephen King Interview, Legality of War, Jean Pigozzi & Selfies, Yakuza Murders, Russia, MIT and Wu-Tang
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   by Christopher Lehman-Haupt & Nathaniel Rich
 59 mins
From 2006: The Stephen King Interview - The Art of Fiction
"I don’t think there’s anything that I’m not afraid of, on some level. But if you mean, What are we afraid of, as humans? Chaos. The outsider. We’re afraid of change. We’re afraid of disruption, and that is what I’m interested in."

  by Ben Thompson
 12 mins
The Lessons and Questions of the iPhone X & the iPhone 8.
The iPhone X was made to be the best. Is there even room for the 8?

  by Oona Hathaway and Scott J Shapiro
 53 mins
Making War Illegal Changed the World.  But It's Becoming Too Easy to Break the Law 
As the laws prohibiting the use of force are crumbling, we risk returning to a world where might is right and war is legal.

  by Ash Carter
 15 mins
How Jean Pigozzi Became the Undisputed Celebrity Selfie-King of the 70's 
In the height of Hollywood celebrity glamour, you could find this guy taking amazing selfies with everyone from Mick Jagger to Mel Brooks. He also knew how to throw a damn fine pool party. 

  by Jake Edelstein
 16 mins
The New Yakuza Murders: Inside the Japanese Mafia's Circle of Death 
When top Yakuza leaders die, many funerals follow. On Tuesday, a 'revolutionary' member of the organization was targeted. He lived. His bodyguard didn't. A missed hit? Or a message?

  by Jim Rutenberg
 39 mins
RT, Sputnik, and Russia's New Theory of War 
"How the Kremlin built one of the most power information weapons of the 21st century - and why it may be impossible to stop." This is one of those articles people will be talking about."

  by Emily Dreyfuss
 22 mins
A Weird MIT Dorm Dies, and a Crisis Blooms at Colleges 
Senior House was a haven for creative outsiders. In a move that is being echoed on campuses around the country, administrators said it was dangerous and shut it down.

  by Devin Leonard & Annmarie Hordern
Martin Shrekli's Wu-Tang Album Might Not Be a Wu-Tang Album
Was a man convicted of fraud misled about the most expensive record ever sold?
Film maker, photographer and writer, Max Lowe, headed to Ross Lake, Wyoming, fully taking advantage of, and creating an experience with his friends, worthy of nature's most talked about event. He shared it all with New Library. 
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