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Emotional Intelligence, America's War with ISIS, Rich People, A Playboy in Toronto, Juicero, Murder Dog & Joaquin Phoenix
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Slightly Better Than Okay
NL Exclusive:
Photographer Aidan Lynn-Klimenko shares photos and words from his adventurous trip across the border, to Baja, Mexico. Can someone lend new library their own travel van already?!
   by Lisa Feldman Barrett
 12 mins
Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite
Think you can read people's emotions? Think again.

  by Seth Harp
 32 mins
Inside America's Secret War with ISIS
US-backed forces are about to seize Raqqa - the capital of the most wanted terrorist group on earth - so why won't the government talk about it.

  by Rachel Sherman
 19 mins
What the Rich Won't Tell You 
"There's nobody who knows how much we spend. You're the only person I ever said those numbers out loud to." ...On speaking with wealthy people on how they seek to make subtle their spending and living habits.

  by Malcolm Johnston
The Playboy of Yorkville
Johnson Chrome was a notorious big spender with a taste for bottle service, bespoke suits, and $10,000 shoes. The source of his wealth? A sophisticated identify theft scheme that may have conned Torontonians out of millions. The untold story of the cities most wanted fraudster.

  by Olivia Zoleski, Ellen Huet & Brad Stone
 10 mins
Inside Juicero's Demise, From Prized Startup to Firesale 
The shuttering of the much ridiculed Silicon Valley startup was the culmination of unsustainable costs, slow sales and unflattering media costs. 

  by Sam Lefebvre
The Surreal Life of Black Dog Bone, Founder of the Legendary Rap Magazine, Murder Dog
The untold story of Sri Lankan rebel who mixed music, danger, and politics as a catalyst in the 80's bay area punk scene and the originator of one of rap's most notorious publications.

  by Bret Easton Ellis
 11 mins
The Weird Brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix 
He's the greatest screen actor of his generation, but also a reluctant celebrity.
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