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The War on Drugs, The Creator of Star Trek, Don King, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gucci, & Casper Mattress
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The People & Companies Behind the Style and Luxury-ization of Weed. -@Vogue
Great TV
   by Amanda Petrusich
 6 mins
Is The War On Drugs Rock's Next Torchbearer?
The War on Drugs is a favorite band of ours and they put out an incredible album this week (see below). Many are wondering if they're the chosen ones to finally bring back music with actual instruments. We vote yes.

  by David Alexander
 60+ mins
Interview with Gene Roddenberry: Writer, Producer, Philosopher, Humanist, Creator of Star Trek
Gene Roddenberry is one of the most influential yet unheralded humanists of the twentieth century. His two most famous creations, Star Trek and its successor Star Trek: The Next Generation, are solidly based upon humanistic principles and ideas. His creations have moved, inspired and sparked the imaginations of millions of people around the world.

  by Jay Caspian Kang
 32 mins
The End of Don King: Boxing's Most Controversial Promoter
The crumbling of an American Icon. (This article was named one of 2013's top 10 articles by Longform.org)

   by Jill P. Capuzzo
How to Sell a Frank Lloyd Wright House
Frank Lloyd Wright houses may be architectural masterpieces but finding a buyer isn't always easy. 

  by Rebecca Mead
 29 mins
Gucci's Renaissance Man
Alessandro Michele, the brand's creative director, looks at modern fashion with a historical eye.

  by Erin Griffith
 13 mins
How Casper Flipped the Mattress Industry
Casper CEO Philip Krim and his cofounders have turned mattresses, a humdrum household item, into a breakout brand.
The War on Drugs is this generation's Bruce Springsteen. A meticulous songwriter with a penchant for musical complexity. After releasing his last masterpiece, Lost in The Dream, frontman Adam Granduciel is back with what is sure to be one of this year's best albums. Click on the album photo to listen.
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