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Conor McGregor, Real Life vs. Instagram,  Filthy Sportswriting, Snoop Dogg, SB Nation, & Britney Spears*
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The Body Language of Power - @Handelsblatt Global
   by Flynder Boyd
 14 mins
Impossibly True Stories of the Incredible, Unbelievable, Unstoppable Conor McGregor
With potentially the biggest combat sporting event of all time occurring next Saturday, Bleacher Report releases one of the first solid profiles of the Irish superstar athlete who will face one of the best boxers of all time... in his first boxing match ever. 

  by Alyssa Bereznak
 25 mins
Can Real Life Compete with Instagram?
Spaces like the Museum of Ice Cream and the Paul Smith Pink Wall offer a perfect setting for a highly shareable image -- and that's it. What happens to art, or travel, or the outside world in general when taking a photograph becomes an experience in and of itself?

  by Jeff Pearlman
 23 mins
The Fallout from Sportswriting's Filthiest Fuck-Up
The story of the most flagrant mistake in the modern history of sports journalism begins with a 21-year-old editor. His name is Kris Freeman.

   by David Sheff
 43 mins
From 1995 - Playboy Interview: Snoop Dogg
"Hugh Hefner doesn’t give a fuck about a motherfucker saying he glorifies sex. Why should I give a fuck about what a motherfucker feels about me glorifying life or violence? I’m living like Hugh right now."

  by Laura Wagner
 35 mins
How SB Nation Profits Off an Army of Exploited Workers
Valued at $1billion in 2015 after a $200 million round of funding from NBCUniversal, it is a vast operation read by millions of people every month and powered by unpaid and underpaid labor.

  by Victoria Grigoriadis
 22 mins
The Tragedy of Britney Spears: Rolling Stone's 2008 Cover Story.
As Vice's music blog Noisey has proclaimed that the world wasn't able to bring down Brtiney, we look back at RS's harsh 2008 cover story.
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