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Trent Reznor Interview, An Oil Tanker Gets Hijacked, The CIA's Favorite Book, Tiny Houses, Surfing & Religion, & Panorama Music Festival
New Library Travel Guide: Isla Holbox - Mexico's Best Kept Secret
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Life Isn't Fair 
Mario Kart Director Philosophical About the Need for the Blue Shell
Obsessed with a song right now? Throw it in our collaborative playlist and we may use it for August's Playlist
How Not to Start a Startup - "I'm quitting my startup journey and it'll make you rethink whether you should be starting one too."
What Spinning off A Business at GE Taught me About Ultra Fast Change
Design Porn
Building the Ultimate "Shudio" (Shed Studio) 
  by David Marchese
 20+ mins
In Conversation: Trent Reznor 
"The Nine Inch Nails’ icon on his new music, the future of streaming, and his tortured past."

  by Kit Chellel & Matthew Campbell 
 30 mins
The Hijacking of the Oil Tanker, Brillante Virtuoso
A mysterious assault, an unsolved murder, and a ship that hasn't given up all its secrets.

   by Richards J. Heuer Jr.
 20+ mins
The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
This book is posted on the CIA's website as it is required reading for their intelligence officers. The author discusses the fundamental limitations in human mental processes can prompt people to jump to conclusions and employ other simplifying strategies that lead to predictably faulty judgments known as cognitive biases. 

  by Patrick Sisson
 12 mins
Tiny Houses: Big Future or Big Hype?
Advocates and cities see challenges and opportunities in these sweet little HGTV-friendly dwellings.  

  by Jamail Yogis
 10 mins
Is Surfing More Sport or Religion?
Even hardcore devotees disagree, though many acknowledge there’s something profoundly spiritual about catching waves—a feeling scientists attribute to the power of being in the water.

    by Ben Sisario
  5 mins 
From Last Year: Paul Tollett Discusses His New Project, Panorama Music Festival
We went yesterday to see Tame Impala, Nicolas Jaar, Vince Staples + More. It did not disappoint. 
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