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The Sunday Reader
Initial Coin Offerings, Dr. Seuss, Kendrick & Dave, Cheesecake Factory, A Libertarian Paradise & Free Diving

NL Notes:
Are you the person in your friend group who supplies everyone else with new music? We're starting the new library music council - a special group of music miners and curators, because the algorithms just don't always get us where we need to be. Simply shoot us an e-mail (newlibrarynyc@gmail.com) with one new artist you're digging, and we'll follow up with next steps <3
  by Laura Shin 
 14 mins
Forbes Cover Article - The Emperor's New Coin: How Initial Coin Offerings Fueled a $100 Billion Crypto Bubble 
"In two months, GNO coins were trading at $335 each, and Gnosis was suddenly worth $3 billion, more than the market cap of Revlon, Box or Time Inc."

  by Dave & Kendrick
 9 mins
Dave Chappelle Interviews Kendrick Lamar
"CHAPPELLE: The last time I saw you was in Australia with J. Cole—you had just performed with Eminem. A lot's happened since then."

   by E.J. Kahn
 20+ mins
RETRO: (1960) - Children's Friend: A Profile of Dr. Seuss 
Geisel (Seuss) frequently says that his life has been a series of accidents, and it was pretty much accidental that he began writing books in the first place. 

  by Kevin Hartnett
 33 mins
Sacred Architecture: Funded by the Founder of Cheesecake Factory
This story starts with a house of worship. A unique building, in a quiet part of California. It jumps to D.C. in the ’50s. India in the ’60s. The cover of Rolling Stone. Allegations of mass smoking. Accusations of astral mind control. Where it settles again is a land-use dispute.

 by Caleb Hannan
 17 mins
The Short, Unhappy Life of a Libertarian Paradise 
The residents of Colorado Springs undertook a radical experiment in government. Here's what they got.

  by Patrick Scott
  9 mins 
Free Diving is the Lung-Crushing, Mind-Altering Path to Inner Peace 
How the high-risk, high-reward extreme sport helps conquer your fear of the deep through meditation.
Google's Great AI Awakening - "We Didn't Even Know We Hired the Best AI Scientists"
If google is to become SkyNet, then best to understand their intentions...
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