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monday 03.06.17
Stanley Kubrick scrolls through WorldStarHipHop and finds Minimalism Photography instead of Discover Weekly

NL Notes: Season 3 of Netflix's Chef's Table is tickling our food cinematography bones once again. We especially dug the Tim Raue & Ivan Orkin episodes (the unapologetically "egocentric" German and the Long-Islander changing the Ramen game). If you're fully sucked into the thought of being an outdoorsy person, we're big fans of  Field Mag, a digital publication at the crossroads of design & nature.   Ever wonder which weather service is the most accurate? Turns out, it varies based on where you're located. Find out on Forecast Advisor. Did you miss Volume 1 from this Past Friday? Our archive can be found at www.newlibrary.nyc/thelibrary.
    by James Hughes
 5 mins
Stanley Kubrick's Unmade Film About Jazz in the Third Reich 
The things we would do to see the unrealized vision of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Jazz. Even that name... Dr. Jazz. Give us a time machine and we'll get right to butterly fly effecting that movie into production. 

   by Steven Kurutz 
 8 mins
The Creator of WorldStarHipHop Plots His Second Act
Lee "Q" O’Denat, the founder of the hip hop world’s most infamous website, “WorldStarrrrrrr,” passed away in January. The site persists as one of the great case studies of digital anthropolgy. Fights, art, and advertisers looking to capitalize on controversy all converge on one of the wilder roads within the internet super highway.

“People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others" -Blais Pascal
by Adam Pasick
 7 mins
The Magic That Makes Spotify's Discover Weekly so Damn Good
SO damn good. Except every once in a while, it’s not that good, right? Well, that’s your fault. Once you learn how Spotify structures their DW algorithm, you can set yourself up for music discovery success. (Hint: Don’t put that guilty pleasure pop song in your playlists)
by Kimberly Potvin
 7 mins 
The Art of Minimalism Photography: An Interview with Ante Badzim
“More than ever, brands—whether reliant on traditional or digital media—are resorting to a white/bleached aesthetic to share their message.” …This guy nails that aesthetic on the head, and talks about how to achieve it.
 by Mary Schmich
 4 mins 
Semi-Retro, Very Famous Essay: Advice, Like Youth Probably Just Wasted on the Young
A lot of 'self-improvement' lists and articles sprung up as quickly as the blogosphere blew itself up. In 1997, this essay really encapsulated a lot of the written and re-written (x1million) articles on how to take life, just a little less seriously (while also taking it, just seriously enough.
the news
Alexa A Witness To Murder? Prosecutors Seek Amazon Echo Data
Authorities investigating the death of an Arkansas man whose body was found in a hot tub want to expand the probe to include a new kind of evidence: any comments overheard by the suspect's Amazon Echo smart speaker. - Associated Press

Madrid to cut traffic volumes in half as pollution rises 
Madrid said on Wednesday all privately-owned cars with even-numbered registration plates will be banned from the Spanish capital's roads on Thursday to curb rising air pollution. - Business Insider

Relations Between Obama, Netanyahu Camps Hit Rock Bottom 
It took eight years of backbiting and pretending they got along for relations between President Barack Obama's administration and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government to finally hit rock bottom. - Associated Press

Syria declares countrywide cease-fire effective at midnight following its ‘victories and advances’ Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the cease-fire was negotiated with Russia and Turkey who would also act as guarantors. The truce will be followed by peace talks between the government and opposition. - Washington Post
listen up
Podcast: The Journal
 23 mins
Style: Interview
Category: Tech 
Why Listen?: 
Kevin is an internet pioneer (founder of Digg) and Elon Musk, is well, Elon Musk.  In a short convo, Elon discusses why he even decided to start SpaceX, his favorite books, and the process behind designing Tesla cars. 

 If an indie band wrote an album  while riding inside a slow-motion bullet train, who's tracks twisted around the multi-color lit streets of Tokyo, you would get Seoul. Smooth electronically accentuated instrumentals with buttery vocals.
Notable Jams: Stay With Us, White Morning, Haunt / A Light, The Line
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