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Whole Foods CEO Profile, The Great Cricket Rivalry, A Very Controversial Russian Story, Ryan Lochte, and the Guy Who Founded Monocle

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Assuming further travel restrictions don't go into place, this is your best bet for maximizing your trip to Cuba.
Changyu, China's largest wine company, is building castles and chateaus, creating a Disney World for wine in China. - Bloomberg
*David Chang Talks The Earthquake That is About to Hit the Restaurant Industry*
  by Nick Paumgarten
 20+ mins
Relevant: Food Fighter - A Profile of Whole Foods' CEO, John Mackey
Does he know what's best for you?

  by Vithushan Ehantharajah
 20+ mins
Frenemies Forever
The cricket game of India vs. Pakistan is one of the biggest rivalries in sports. That game is today.

  by Scott Anderson
 20+ mins
CONTROVERSIAL: None Dare Call It a Conspiracy
Conde Naste refused to put this article online, only in print. The author published it himself. "Who was behind the Moscow apartment bombings that accelerated Vladimir Putin's rise to power?"
    by Allison Glock
 15 mins
Do You Really Still Hate Ryan Lochte?
"In consideration of fireworks, massages, Olympic gold, reality TV, marriage, fatherhood & that incident in Rio."

  by Ruaidh Nicoll
  20+ mins 
Tyler Brûlé - The Man Who Sold the World
We look up to Monocle Magazine. This is the guy who started it.

The 6 Very Solid Albums That Came Out This Week That You Should Be Listening To On Your Sunday

From Fleet Foxes to Young Thug to Lorde, this was a big week for music.