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Kim Dotcom, Hell in Vegas, the Head of the NSA Interview, James Murphy & Marvin Gaye

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   by Charles Graeber
 20+ mins
Inside the Mansion - And Mind - of the Net's Most Wanted Man 
How megahacker Kim Dotcom outsmarted the FBI and Hollywood to become the most hunted man on the internet.

  by Hamilton Nolan
 17 mins
Hell is Empty and All the Hedge Fund Managers are at the Bellagio
"If you have ever wondered whether there really is a cabal of elites plotting in private to rule the world, wonder no more. Here they are." A dispatch from Anthony Scaramucci's SALT conference.

 by Molly Young
 19 mins
Playboy Interviews Former Head of the NSA, Michael Hayden 
E-mails, Hacking & Russia.

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." - Gustave Flaubert
  by Sasha -Frere Jones
 20+ mins
Let's Dance: A Profile of LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy
As Mr. Murphy has officially confirmed that their new album is imminent (within the next month, perhaps??), we look back to the New Yorker's 2010 profile of the man himself. 

by Nelson George
  20+ mins 
From 1984: Marvin Gaye's Abiding Unrest
First appearing in the Village Voice interview/article was written at a time when Gaye was experiencing "one of the most thrilling comebacks in commercial (music) history" following a decline in popularity.
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Nick Bilton, Top Tech Journalist, Likens Uber's CEO to the CEO who Put a Hit on Many People's Heads (And More Fascinating Anecdotes about the Tech World)

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