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A Hotel Hacking Spree, Foxes & Bears, Snoozing Losers, The Power of RottenTomatoes, Unprepared Houston, & 
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Eat Well
   by Andy Greenberg
 29 mins
Inside an Epic Hotel Room Hacking Spree 
A global vulnerability in hotel keycard locks was a security disaster - and the opportunity of a lifetime for one burglar. 

  by Robin Pecknold
 19 mins
The Lead Singer of Fleet Foxes Interviews the Members of Grizzly Bear
An insider's chat about the writing process, the state of the music industry and more from two of indie rock's biggest and most acclaimed bands. *Grizzly Bear just dropped their gorgeous new album, Painted Ruins. Listen Here.

  by Maria Konikova
 6 mins
Snoozers, are in Fact, Losers: Why You Must Wake Up When Your Alarm Clock First Rings
“The practice of going to sleep and waking up at ‘unnatural’ times,” Roenneberg says, “could be the most prevalent high-risk behaviour in modern society.”

   by Sean Fennessey
Can RottenTomatoes Crush a Movie at the Box Office?
Moviegoers, critics, and filmmakers weigh in on the website that is torturing major studios and redefining how we decide whether to go to the theater.

  by Nina Satija, Kiah Collier, Al Shaw & Jeff Larson
 29 mins
Hell and High Water 
An investigation from 2016 as to why Houston, a city home to the largest refining and petrochemical complex, ultimately wasn't ready for Hurricane Harvey.

  by Mina Kimes
 25 mins
The Search for Aaron Rodgers
Winning isn't everything. After Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay's hero QB has been on a journey to found out what is.
With two stellar singles leading off the hype train for LCD's new album, we were more than psyched for this one to drop on Friday. And it. does. not. disappoint. From the venomous electronic diss track 'How do you sleep?' to the frenetically energetic and soon-to-be favorite live jam, 'emotional haircut,' we've been listening to this on 12, all weekend long. Enjoy.
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