this is the end of the year.

2017 – a year in review
Editor's note:
We're all taking chances. We launched New Library 43 weeks ago, and since then, everyone in our orbit and audience has taken a chance on us. The amazing artists and photographers who agreed to publish their work on our site. Our followers on instagram, and in our facebook group. Our music council, comprised of a group of friends and strangers who share tracks all month long, culminating in our monthly playlists. Time and attention are limited, and we are super thankful that you choose to spend some of it reading new library. Cheers to the end of 2017. We'll be taking the week off, preparing for some exciting stuff as we enter a new year. Keep your eyes and ears open <3
In the meantime, we have plenty of purposefully arranged content for your absorption over this holiday period:

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// Annnnd, here are our top 10 most read stories of the year...
  Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

  The Management Myth
 Tom Ford, Where the Rich and Famous Go to Look Rich and Famous
 No, Your Incognito Browser Isn’t Actually Private. Here's How to Safely Surf the Internet
  A New Way to Learn Economics

 How To Be a Better Creative Thinker
 Snoozers Are, in Fact, Losers
//fringe science
  I Got a $600 Brain 'Reboot' and It Changed My World

  The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial

  Elon Musk Says He Was 'Raised by Books' and Credits His Success to These 8
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