What is New Library?

Over the past two or so months, the New Library team has put our hearts and brains into our twice weekly newsletters.  We've been proud to serve our readers unique content that the click-bait attuned, only super-relevant searching algorithms simply aren't programmed to find.  Like the 1958 Interview with Ernest Hemingway in the Paris Review, or the 2-hour read, The Dark Alliancewhich was dubbed the most controversial exposé in American journalism. 

We love great reading. We also love great listening, and watching, and our goal is to bring that level of uniqueness and quality to the New Library reader, without compromise.

We've also been chatting with our readers to get feedback so we can feel confident in serving the New Library goods in the most palatable format.  So, what're some of the specific tidbits we've heard?

*"I love the articles you curate -- how do you find them?!" (We feel safest when lost in very dark internet holes)

*"I wish I had more time during the week - Monday isn't the best day for me to read 5+ lonnnnng articles - I usually save them to read once the weekend comes round." (Good point, us too)

*"I want what New Library gives me, but condensed.... big time. There's simply too much for me to read." (Interrresting, let's get the drawing board out) 

*"When do you find time to sleep?" (We don't)

So, we game-planned, we wrote some wild math equations on windows that none of us understood, and we ended up blowing up the New Library format entirely...

When the dust settled, a new template and schedule was born. A format that we think you're gonna like that way it looks (we guarantee it). And it looks kinda like this:

M, T, Th, Friday: The Daily - Think of it as your quick news scan for the day.  We'll be surfacing the truly interesting global happenings, and not the millionth take on some slow-moving, drama-filled political fiasco. Plus, we'll add in some visual appreciation, and another knick-knack or two that we think will make that subway ride home a little less...subway-y (be it a great article, podcast episode, or a musical album that we simply can't not share). 

Wednesday: The Daily (Mid-Week) - This is a continuation of our much beloved deep-dive into a single topic, + the news.

Saturday: This is our day off. We'll be doing other stuff. (Kidding, we'll be trying to keep up with this insane new schedule)

Sunday: The Sunday Special, which is the 'Volume' version of the New Library newsletter. Sunday is our favorite day for reading, and we hope it's yours too. 

On top of the newsletter, we're psyched to begin collaborating with amazing artists & entrepreneurs in our new 'Originals' section to expose the hard work and creativity that goes into making something out of nothing. 

Basically, we're doing a lot, because we think our reader deserves better than what's already out there.  

We hope you'll enjoy what we're cooking up, and never hesitate to reach out with new feedback, or if you're just generally bored and want to chat with internet strangers.

OH - and please share NL with your friends. The quick way to get them to subscribe is to send them here: New Library Subscribe Link.

Thanks, friends,

-Nick West
Founder, Chief Editor