Photo Essay/Travelogue: A Cultural Guide to Visiting London

Photographer: Samantha Zauscher|  Date: 03/22-03/30-17  |  Camera: Canon 5Diii|  Glass: Canon 50mm f/1.2 L USM, 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, 24-105mm f/4L IS USM


LONDON: a living, iconic place greater than the sum of its own parts. Subcultures and societies collide, coexisting with global individuals and long time natives alike. There are as many ways to explore the city, or collection of cities and neighborhoods rather, as there are books at Oxford.  With something for quite literally everyone (even those who prefer green and open spaces over cosmopolitan congestion), an itinerary is as much a matter of individual taste as deciding what to eat at a world-class buffet.  If you’re into art, dance, history, people watching, and great reads, a few sweet stops around town are below:


Monocle Cafe

If you’re not already familiar with the genius that is Monocle, get to know it in the oh-so charming/refreshingly considered cafe of the namesake magazine/lifestyle brand. Plus, if you’re going to be picking up the next issue anyway, their tote + hot drink + current issue for £9 deal is a no-brainer.

Columbia Road Flower Market

A Sunday flower market packed to the brim with both people and beautiful blooms away from the more touristy part of the city center.

Mag Culture

Print and editorial haven in a great little shopfront. Cult favorites, new indy mags to inspire, and unique journals hard to come by elsewhere. Con: too many good things to choose from and a strong wish to stay all day.

Royal Ballet - Lond

As a classically trained dancer this place is iconic and Royal Ballet is one of the greats. Dance aside, take this as a suggestion to go see at least one thing live: music, theatre, art, comedy, etc. -I guarantee there is something top notch you’d be thrilled to see. Ps. Royal Opera House offers backstage tours and they are awesome.


"One of the few things in dance to match the Royal Ballet's curtain calls is the Royal Ballet's dancing."

-Clive Barnes

Crosstown Donuts

The doughnuts. All the doughnuts. Life-changing doughnuts of unimaginable freshness and flavor.

Museums (All Great, All Free) 

St. Paul's Cathedral

Beautiful and iconic interior, sweet view from the top of the dome overlooking London (get the London Eye in your skyline shot), Millennium Bridge, and Tate Modern.


Kitschy meets cool for a night out at this speakeasy decked out as a 1940’s wartime tube station / bomb shelter with costumed staff, live music, unique drink menu, and atmosphere worth a visit.

And More...

Ace Hotel Shoreditch - Killer atmosphere + people watching

Selfridge’s Food Hall - A smorgasbord of tastes

Fortnum & Mason - Appointed grocer to HM The Queen, this place is pretty much if Tiffany & Co sold food

Kensington Palace - central and beautiful -also for when Buckingham Palace is closed to visitors September - July

Windsor Castle - A working/official royal residence, totally worth a half to full day visit)

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Samantha Zauscher is a San Diego based freelance photographer / creative director inspired by movement, humanity, design & the aesthetic experience. She's the founder of Society House, a studio dedicated to creative collaboration and visual exploration of culture, people, and places around the globe. @society_house, @birdnamedsam